DADSNET - new forum/newborn (doesn't even rhyme)

I have been seriously considering one. I don’t want more kids (obvious crystal ball missing caveat). Didn’t get round to taking it further before covid so for now it’s out of the window. I could have moved on it quicker but scheduling in an optional op seems a bit luxurious and there is a non zero fear of pain factor in there too. Big wuss that I am.

That sounds ridiculous! I know they have to safeguard etc but sometimes it just seems like no one engages brain

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And they made a big point of saying how they couldn’t tell me the name of the other kid. Like… I dont care, stop being cloak and dagger about two tiny kids chatting in a small space. If they were 15 and going in the toilet to smoke crack or something then yeah, give me a call


We had a similar thing to this when Offspring I was involved in an incident at school when she was 4. School were all cloak and dagger when referring to the other kid, at which point my daughter just piped up “It was Stephen”.

Classic Stephen…


I’m pretty sure it’d be her friend whose in our childcare bubble so comes here every Thursday, and they not only go to the bathroom together here but “kiss bums” - like a bare bum hi five afterwards :see_no_evil:


The Child told her nursery key worker that mummy and daddy slap her when she is naughty.

The Child laughed about it when we asked her why she did that (as it is not true).

I think we’re raising a sociopath.


Talking of sociopaths, I found the eldest in the back of a picture looking like the kid who everyone, not matter what age, should avoid (happy to post this as it looks nothing like him).


I know this is news to absolutely no one but tantrums are fucking draining aren’t they? No telling in advance what R is going to flip out about. Feel lucky that she goes inwards rather than lashing out like a few babies we know from NCT but just good god is it hard work at the moment.

So, here’s the book that Jimbo’s brought home from school this weekend:

Who doesn’t love a party? It’s something kids can relate to. And look, a page about getting music ready for the party:

Hang on a minute… let’s take a closer look at that pile of cds:

Is that Fat of the Land by the Prodigy? Anyone for a game of pass the parcel accompanied by Smack My Bitch Up?


Ha, I’m sure some dissers can identify the others.

Moon Safari, obviously. And is that REM / Up, just to the right of Fat of the Land?

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The red one in between FOTL and Air is Trouser Jazz by Mr Scruff.


You laugh but I had the kids at G’s 6th birthday doing musical statues to pendulum prodigy remixes

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The one upside down to the right of Moon Safari is Fragments Of Freedom by Morcheeba.

Note: never owned it or listened to it or even like Morcheeba, but can somehow recognise the back of the CD 🤷


Steve Lumb = Centrist Dad

I did musical bumps with The Ramones once, the kids loved it

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Dee Dee won


It’s more the lyrical content than the style. Kids seem to love banging dance tunes in my experience.

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I’m done and found how long you get told it’s going to hurt for and just how immobile you’ll be for a few days afterwards to be pretty overstated. It’s a bit tender for a few days and I had to move pretty slowly and deliberately, but I was under the impression that i’d be necking Ibuprofen solidly for a fortnight - nothing of the sort. Obvs it’s under local anaesthetic so no pain but certainly a bit surreal feeling your little tubes being pulled out through a little incision, then being cut and shoved back in (spoilered 'cause might be a little :nauseated_face: for some).

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Just booked O in for a Covid test tomorrow. She had a mild dry cough a handful of times before bed…and then another short bout whilst asleep an hour or so ago. She had a runny nose over the weekend which has now cleared up and said a few times that she wanted to go to bed (unusual for her but possibly down to a Friday with her grandma who resists any attempt at following her routine and letting her have a nap etc nnnnng). Former seems to have resolved today and she was on great form this evening, so I dont think tiredness still an issue.

I’ve got no idea what the threshold is for the “three coughing episodes in 24 hours”, whether any or both of these did and whether she might have coughed at nursery today…or whether another couple of mild coughs between now and tomorrow evening would constitute the third and so we may as well get her booked on first thing tomorrow rather than lose another day? Ugh, this feels tough :worried: