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Little baby Dogger


Think that gag may have been done Ruffles...


she's 15 months. I spend more time with her so I can tell that she's not distressed, my bf thinks every cry is a distressed cry. She does often sleep through, so she obviously knows how to settle herself but when she does wake up and won't go straight back down I'm happy for her to come in the bed but I'm not walking round with her for 15 minutes at 3am, she's getting heavy now


Ah. Well just let me lurk for a bit of vicarious parenthood and I'll soon be on my way!


Anyone here tried a Finnish baby box? Mrs HYG is quite interested and they seem pretty cool.


Fine if the govt supplied you with one but fuck paying for it


is TheWZA really expecting?


15 months is way beyond the point where you should be regularly rocking a kid to sleep in my opinion.

Of course, I am an emotion-less ogre in many ways - I have never let either of ours get into our bed in the night as I don't want them to get used to it. Sleep be important to me yo...


I think, if we got it, several of Mrs HYG's mates would club together and get it her as a gift, rather than them all buying different novelty baby grows or whatever it is people do.


yeah I wasn't keen either but I get it's an easy option when you're tired even though you don't really get a proper sleep. I actually don't think she likes it as much as her cot either tbh, and I really feel like she's been telling me she wants to learn to go down by herself lately (face slapping when I'm rocking her to bed lol) but she's just not used to it so needs to cry for a bit first


Reckon I'll still be rocking her to sleep when she's 30




we started pasking the bag today, so loads of minature stuff and packed some of the clothes that we've bought for the new kid. it is quite strange doing it all again, not really hit home until we cranked open the new born pampers we've had stored in the house from over two years ago and the smell of them brought me right back.

so so excited to have another kid.


Good luck with it all man. when is it due? Ours is Halloween so shits starting to get real now. We just got a bunch of stuff ready now also just in case there is any early shenanigans.


Sorry wzarn...


yeah, ours is dated for the 30th October, but we think it might be closer to 3rd November going by... the science of it all.

so yeah, good luck! :smiley:


sweet.....The race is on! :baby: we think it could actually be the 28th so we'll see....


Oldest has just started primary school. We went to look around a load but it was always going to be our local one, I'd do the same unless it is total shite. I figured even if one other local school had a good reputation they could always lose it in the next 5 years anyway. Some parents asked really in depth stuff about what kind of phonics teaching they do, I was more interested in how it all looked and the layout of the place. Pro snob tip - walk past in the mornings and afternoons to see the quality of the parents and the little shitbags.

Here they did it on location, right down to how many yards your house is from the school. They even published past figures on how close you needed to be. Some of the good ones only took kids from as close as 250m. Others have catchment areas. We had to pick a top three, risky as if they were all full then they just allocate you a school. Which would be a really shitty one miles away. I'd have a plan B.


I have heard it can make things worse long term. They can get clingy and have abandonment issues as they think every time they are put down they will be left screaming with no one coming back.


Thanks - all good tips...