DADSNET - new forum/newborn (doesn't even rhyme)


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so pleased for you :heart_eyes:


many congratulations! you’re also getting married around then huh? busy busy pair of beans you’ll be this year


My 3rd was born 1/1/18. 3 is mental. Absolutely mental…


thanks! :blush:


Wedding is being postponed as neither of us fancied having a baby and getting married within 3 months of each other



I don’t even know how 3 is possible




Congrats!! You make me want another but I’m too old, my kids are too old and MrS says NO :grin:


Nice! Two is a mad shock at first but then lovely.

Mine are old (8 and 10) now and are properly best friends, adore each other although obviously also wind each other up continually and fight a fair amount. They are 21 month gap so very similar to what you’ll have. Is good timing I’d say!



Sounds like you’re doing what we did with an exact 2 year gap. Completely understand the sleep apprehension and how you know you need more sleep now you’re a parent and the dread of losing that. I’d say that because you’ve been through it before you are able to handle it, but you will be more tired (if that makes sense). You’ll also be able to cling on to the feeling that you know it eventually will get better.

Having 2 is absolutely amazing on the whole, so so much fun and seeing them interact and the joy they derive from each other is just amazing. Here’s our two having a dance to Hey Duggee Stick Song…


That’s ace.

Bloody love Hey Duggee.


Congrats! Didn’t realise you were expecting.


:smiley: well that’s the best thing I’ll look at today


My parents had three under three years of age at one point. Had me, planned a second and ended up with twins. Mam says her grey hairs and my Dad’s hair loss are directly attributable to that fact.

(Also, congratulations!)


Thanks man.

Been keeping it quiet a bit, bit thought I’d venture in here to see what’s happening. Expect to be bombarded with questions about all sorts of shit at some point.


Way ahead of you already


Thank you, that’s very kind. We have an ergobaby sling/harness that we have from last time but haven’t used yet with this one but will do this weekend. He definitely likes being held close.
We’ve had him put on nutramigen milk for lactose intolerance today, like our first was. Have had to wait a few weeks while they tried lactolose etc but better than 6ish months with the 1st boy,hopefully that will make a big difference as he’s in a lot of discomfort at the mo.


What Dad was it, ages ago, that wound up their kids by getting names of Paw Patrol characters wrong deliberately? Because I’ve started doing it to my son and it provides endless LOLs. I do it with Go Jetters though.


It was me. Insisted there was a character called Rodrigo. He’s absolutely done me though because he calls the new baby Rodrigo every single time when anyone asks him the name of his new baby brother and I have to explain the joke and makes me look weird. You win this round, son.


Hahaha. Amazing.

Maybe i’ll stop…