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Can anyone recommend a good, free (or cheap) site for finding a childminder? I’ve signed up with and and just at the point of contacting someone who looks good they’ve suddenly popped up to ask for £25 a month, the cheeky fuckers.


Your local children’s centre will have a list of them, or if you find them on Childcare you can then google and find them.

Go and visit a few to get a good idea of how they are. I am a big fan, mainly as I used to be one! So let me know if there’s any help you need…


I was so annoyed about having to pay that £25. If you find any decent lists let me know as my membership lapsed and I’m not paying it again (assuming you’re manchester way and I’m not confusing you with anirther user)


Don’t want to jinx it but last two nights he’s made it from about half 9 ish to between about 6 and 8 am. Not bad for an 8 week old.


For some reason all the childminders I’ve found on there use daft usernames, and that’s the only identifier they have so I can’t find them elsewhere. I’ve just found which is completely free but I haven’t had any responses to the messages I sent on there yet.

Here’s a daft question for you Slicky - was it normally just you alone looking after your group of kids? What happens if you need to have a wee or something?


That’s pretty amazing for 8 weeks tbh!


My eleven-month old is waking up in the middle of the night and having massive tantrums… I think we had one sleep through in the past year. Not sure if it’s teething, jet lag or a clinginess leap at the moment. Maybe all three. Doesn’t help that we’re still in the same bedroom and will be until March. Think we’re going to try and sleep in the living room this weekend.


The ‘same bedroom’ thing will be contributing, I’d have thought. MiniWza has had her own room since six months. There was a definite difference in her sleeping pattern. Probably cos whenever she stirred and could see MsWza or me she was thinking right, I’m having some of that. She’s still not quite sleeping through at 1 yo, but a more manageable pattern has emerged - she’ll be down by eight, will usually need a cuddle (or two) from me between then and about half two (when she’ll likely require mum), about wake at half five (needing mum) is pretty normal, too. Occasional nightmare hourly wake nights do still happen, though - teeth, I think (eight so far, at the latest count). I think she’s only ever managed a six hour undisturbed stretch (which counts as sleeping through?) twice in a year. Definitely a better ability to occupy herself for a bit (or even get back to sleep) these days. Which feels life a long time coming, but we’re getting there. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Eight teeth! We’re only at six so far.



Top two first. Then two at the bottom and two next to the top ones in fairly quick succession. Then two more at the bottom that seemingly appeared from nowhere overnight.

(Further to the above, I know a couple who have a 3+ year old still in with them! Erk.)


It was bottom two first for us, then top two, then the two incisors. Had her first dentist check up this week as Mrs HYG was going, she says there are plenty more on the way soon.

We’re so keen for her to have her own room. Since we’ve got back the States and jet lag took it’s toll, she’s now in our bed more often than not, seems the only way to get her down after she wakes up and throws a shit fit (that and some boob, of course). I feel like her own room would just make a difference, stop her getting up and hanging on the edge of the crib, yelling at us. Though having said that, when we were in the States, we left her in her own room one evening and she screamed like I’ve never heard her before. Suddenly had a vision of her thinking we’d abandoned her forever in this unfamiliar room and had to go back in and calm her down… So hopefully that doesn’t happen again.


Not necessarily, R and I have shared a room since he was born and he has been sleeping through ever since he stopped needing night feeds (with the odd teething/sick night with slight disruption).

@hip_young_gunslinger have you tried talking to yoyr health visitor about sleep? When I was having trouble with the getting to sleep part my HV got a nursery nurse who was a sleep specialist to come round for a few visits to help figure out some strategies to sort it out and that was great.


We had the health visitor last week and she suggested some things to do, trying to drop the feeds, letting me settle her instead and so on. I’m not unduly worried, it’s all a work in progress, and though it feels shit at 4am, we’re all fine come morning. We’ll be moving at the end of Feb which change things so we’ll see how it’s going by then.


Persevering with some strategies is definitely worth it, you won’t necessarily see the progress straight away but hopefully it helps establish good sleep patterns for years ahead :slight_smile:


:wink: But fair enough. Gonna be different for everyone innit. And hearing everyone’s experiences is a good reminder that, despite maybe forgetting and assuming otherwise, there’s barely any such thing as ‘normal’. :+1:


Mrs HYG has just text me and insists we try sleeping in the living room tonight because she’s too exhausted :sweat_smile:


It seems like every day we have something new to worry about. Last week it was he wasn’t reacting to loud noises, now it’s he’s sticking his tongue out too much and has been referred to ear, nose and throat because he might have enlarged adenoids.


That’s your life now until you’re in the grave. Maybe it gets better when they move out but that worry is never going to end.


I’m absolutely paranoid about development stuff. I don’t think I have any concrete reasons to worry, I just fret about everything.


Ha, yes it was! The answer is I waited for nap time…or popped baby in the travel cot and assumed toddlers would be ok for two minutes… house was baby proofed etc so they were ‘safe’

People talking about sleep, V didn’t sleep through until 7……


Fine now so they all get there :grin: