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Yep. As my Mum says “You’re only ever as happy as your happiest child”


I know this discussion is bit old but i just want some suggestions regarding your experience with Baby monitors
I was Looking For the best Baby monitor And some questions regarding their use so i found this discussion forum.Can Anyone please Suggest Which brand is the best for Baby monitoring?
Which is the safest nd good quality Baby monitor to keep an eye and watch over your baby need serious suggestion please.


Yeah I disagree too, Jnr is 21 months no has been in her own room for well over a year…she wake sun 12 times a night, can take three hours to get to sleep too


Welcome new user!

We just went with the basic BT (:frowning:️) branded one. No frills. No regrets.


Got an angelcare one with a pad sensor that detects if the baby stops moving but it went off everytime we lifted him up and were we fuck switching it off everytime we went to feed him. Total waste of money. Might come in handy when he moves into his own room but we’ll see.


This thread is great. Been lingering since around Christmas as we have a baby due in July. Mad ting.

We are looking into co-sleeping cot things if anyone has any pointers.


Chico Next to Me did the job for us :+1:t3:


This thread is both enlightening and scary in equal parts.


As an update to the above posts about sleeping through the night… over the past couple of weeks we’ve done several night sleeping on an air mattress in the living room — and she’s slept through each time. It’s black and white - when we’re in the room, she’s going to wake up, get agitated, yell for us, demand feeding etc etc.

But we don’t move for two months and sleeping in the living room is not very comfortable :thinking::angry::sleeping::cold_sweat:


Any chance of rearranging furniture to get you more comfortable in the living room? It is good you have found a sort of solution at least, if less disrupted sleep is better even if it is uncomfortable.


I think this was the one we liked the look of best. Decent price and reviews. But we were a bit unsure about having the room either side of our bed. Some others did look like a smaller footprint though.


Have bought not one but 2 Snuz-Pods (didn’t think we were having that 2nd kid when we sold the first one). Obviously happy with it, and personally I think they look better than the Chicco ones.
Can’t recommend a baby monitor since they seem to be more trouble than they’re worth.


Oh, cool. Yeah, my wife was saying you can take the top off and use it around the house easier. Also, the footprint is a bit smaller iirc. But, also, it’s more pricey.


@andyvine bought me an Aldi one and it’s been superb. However I don’t actually use it at home, don’t really see much point, but if I stay at someone else’s with a big house I take it with me. Could definitely just not have one at all though, unless you’re staying in a mansion you’re going to hear them wake up, I promise you.


Think it was a special event thing that aldi did, like how they change the stuff in the middle aisle seasonally. Well done you for arranging @ScoutJr’s birthday to coincide with it and not leftover weird flavour mince pie season which it is currently!


Just read Men, Love and Birth by Mark Harris.

Am woke to Oxytocin now.


I got this message from R’s dad today:

I think we should look into having R actively tracked via gps

Totally weird, right? He is spooked I guess because R nearly got away from him yesterday seemingly, but that would not have been an issue if he had put his reigns on, which he has said he will make sure he does in the future. I don’t think a 20-month-old needs tracking he just needs his dad to actually be a responsible parent.


You can get GPS trackers for people with dementia at Lloyds chemist. Pitch him the seventy-five quid if he wants it.

Unless you go to the vets and have him chipped?


Christ, girl’s 5th birthday coming up. The hell of organisation is sitting in the background of my life like a ball of misery.


We did my daughter’s 5th birthday at a pottery cafe recently - expensive, but they literally did everything (food, party bags, entertainment and most importantly the clear up). Worth it for ditching the stress…