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Yeah we did ours at an Adventure Farm thing. £18 a head I think (and a tab for parents’ coffee!)… crippling but only had to bake a cake.


5 already! What a girl :heart_eyes:

We are coming up to 2, so we’re still at the stage where the party is really more for the adults to drink fizz and eat nice things, while the children knock lumps out of each other in the garden. I am dreading the ‘proper party’ stage where it becomes about the kids, because of my well documented balloon phobia.


Ours was £30 a head :scream: for the ‘gold package’ and a minimum group size of 12 plus the outrageously expensive parents’ coffee tab (fucking Dulwich man). Still, everyone did get some terrible pottery at the end of the day…


That’s a small price to pay to outsource the responsibility for the whole damn thing. How do people who work full time jobs/ long hours ever manage to curate and organise these things under their own steam too?

Were there any balloons?

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For her fourth birthday we hired the event room at Vauxhall City Farm and organised everything ourselves. By the end, I felt like I’d put on fucking Glastonbury or something.

Balloons at the farm, no balloons at the pottery cafe :+1:


We had a small family only 3rd party last summer, but since she’s been going to school it’ll be a full blown affair. The practice seems to be that you invite everyone from her fucking school class, which is insane. The most I ever had my school age parties was five, and we went to see Armageddon at the cinema.

We have had three parties so far and have a double party for one kid coming up next weekend; the parents are separated and we have been invited to both the mum and dad’s parties. Not sure what the fuck we’re supposed to do for that one.


We completely outsourced ours for the little uns last birthday too. Was well worth the money for the lack of stress and time sorting out. The lady kept the kids constantly occupied with activities for a couple of hours and then fed them. She was great.

Worked out £200 in total I think for about 15 kids and the just had to buy a cake and a few helium balloons.

Would have struggled to find the time to organise and no way I’m going to try and entertain a bunch of toddlers.


That sounds ace. how did you find the woman who was doing it?

I feel I could cope with that. I am fine with foil balloons. I need to keep reminding myself about this. I wonder if I could feign an allergy to latex, it’s less embarrassing than the truth.


Oh don’t! Ours recently turned 5, we had party location and entertainer booked, everything good to go, food all bought etc. Then the snow hit and chickenpox…

Turns out it wasn’t chickenpox but by then we’d rescehduled


We got a bit lucky to be honest. A couple of months before N’s birthday my wife went to another birthday party there (there being here) - she was really impressed and it’s also nice and local. The lady who runs it is a drama teacher, and so is naturally good at doing this kind of enthusiastic stuff at 11am on a sunday morning. We didn’t have anything planned at that time and so got in touch.

If you can find an equivalent local to you online or ask any other parents near you whether they know of anything similar, that’s probably the best way?


We did a house party for our 4 year old (he got a soft play one when he was 3). Mainly because soft play is a bit shit and a bit expensive and also because we’ll probably do something a bit more substantial for his 5th birthday once he’s at school and with some new friends. also because his sister’s birthday is 2 days away (she’s 2) the house party was a nice joint thing with their friends and cousins etc.


Every time we do a party we say either we won’t bother again or we will get it all sorted by someone else. But then we end up doing it and want to save cash.

A friend of ours just did a “pick two friends for a sleepover” as their kid’s birthday party, that is fine by me. Half the kids at the latest party we didn’t know, didn’t know the parents, and didn’t even see our daughter.


Little Jimbo’s birthday is 1st June, so we’re doing a picnic in the park with cake and prosecco for as long as we can get away with.


Going through party miffle for my daughters 6th in a month. I am assured this is likely to the be the last one where she wants/is expected to invite most of her class, but fuck me, you can drop some cash on these things. I think we are at £180 for the notably cheaper option. Sake.


Pushchair, car seat and base purchased. 4 weeks to 37 weeks, 7 to 40 weeks. Shit’s getting real now.


Had my sons passport photos done a few weeks back and it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Also bought him this cool light for his room…


ambitious reading matter there.

Excellent light!


Where is that light from?


found it. Eggy bird light did the trick.


£16.99. The chick is a soft silicone and you just poke it to switch it on and off. Or press and hold gently to dim/brighten. It’s pretty cool and he really likes it.