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MsWza is, yeah.


Our daughter is a really poor sleeper and always has been, and has really struggled to fall asleep. I thought the same as you, but she’s starting to figure out how to fall asleep on her own now. She’s nearly three though, so it has taken a very long time and been pretty frustrating for everyone.


Hey gang, checking in as she’ll be 4 months on Sunday and I’m starting to think about weaning. Eva-pops is formula fed and it doesn’t taste great so I’m excited to get her to try real food and wondered if anyone has any tips or books that they found helpful. (Don’t worry, I’ve checked what’s safe and know what not to give her/when she’ll actually be ready).


we got a cook book that gave recipes for things, but that was closer to 6 months and above.

what we started on right away was cooked and blended up vegetables, like peas, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, stuff like that. a really good tip we got was to buy a new plastic ice cub tray (or a few) and then make up a huge batch of the veggies and then once they’re cooked and blended, fill the tray up with the veggies and freeze them, so that you have individual portions to give her each time you want a meal, and then it’s just a matter of heating them up in a pot for them to eat.

if you have a few you can make them up in advance and have a few on, giving one a night, and see how it goes. we have a raft of videos from when my daughter was around that age of the first time she ate stuff. really good fun.




We did a bit of baby led weaning where you basically stick stuff in front of them and they smush it up with their hands, some of it eventually goes in their mouth. Messy but quite fun and straightforward. Avocado went down well, which will please many here. Good when you are out as you can take it whole and spoon feed straight from the skin. Baby porridge worked well in terms of spoon fed stuff plus the usual mashed up / blitzed up anything. Turned out she is sensitive to dairy, eggs and possibly soya so keep an eye on any hives or awful shits after eating certain foods.

Seek proper advice, but we heard getting them introduced to peanuts quite early (not sure exactly when) is a good idea to avoid allergies later on, which is different to previous thought. She loves it now, no issues at al. Honey is out as it can give them botulism apparently.

Be prepared for a lot of mess, a lot of effort cooking and mashing stuff they don’t even try and eat, but keep at it.




There are studies that ‘cry it out’ can lead to increased cortisol levels which can harm the brain in such a key time of brain development.
It is also suggested by critics that all the baby learns is that nobody comes when they call out, so why bother - or neglect.
They are tiny small for such a short time (in the grand scheme) and, even as adults, sometimes we just want a hug/some comfort, so why wouldn’t you go to your baby to comfort them?
No parent ever looks back and says ‘I loved my baby too much’


‘Cry it out’ is different to controlled crying.


Heres one - what time does yours wake?

We put my daughter down somewhere around 7.30pm and she goes down like a dream. But recently, since we installed new blackout blinds, she has progressively woke earlier and earlier. Today, it was 5.20am. Before it was normally around 7.30am waking time.

Is this “normal”? Or whatever?


For us she’s been constantly up and down. We got them to shorten her nap time at nursery as she never naps with us at the weekend so that can make a difference. In general, though, I think you usually get a day’s hangover of sleep, so if she was up late on a Saturday we wouldn’t get the lie-in effect until Monday morning, which was annoying.

If she wakes that early, what do you do? We generally bring her into our bed and I find that if you put your hand on her and sort of try to be tired and calm, most times she will go back to sleep, if only in fits and stages.

But yeah, sometimes she’s early sometimes she’s late. At least she’s down by 7.30. For us it’s 8.30 to 9 usually, although 30 mins of that will be her in bed still awake talking to herself and occasionally calling out to us.


How old is she? Ours has varied by a couple of hours between the ages of one and three.

As with many things regarding kids, although it may not seem it at the time, most things are just a phase…


she’s 2.

ps your message in in italics, fyi, makes it hard to read.


Well, at the moment we’ve got the house set up for baby no2, so her bedroom is the small box room and the second big bedroom is set up as a playroom with a pulled out sofa bed that i’m sleeping on. my wife gets her best sleep after 4am or so, so i’m responsible for getting her up when she wakes early (which is fine, i’m a morning person).

we get into the sofa bed and play “tent”, watch Ben and Holly on the TV, or she makes me “soup” for breakfast. we go down for breakfast around 6.30ish normally.


Ah right, fair enough. Sounds a pretty decent setup. I quite enjoy Ben and Holly.


it’s a bit more “for the parents” than Peppa Pig, i find


Awesome, we’ve got one of those trays with a clip on lid that a friend said would be essential when we first announced, so get in ",


This sounds like fun! We do still have a nice time feeding but we’re going through the motions s bit with it now, particularly the last one. Still love it when she falls asleep during the 1/2 hr reflux sit up though :grinning: she’s got a cold at the moment so she was proper snoring on me last night :sleeping:


We got our daughter a sleep training clock when she was two and a half which took a bit of perseverance, but once she got it has worked out well. She now knows to play with her toys until it switches to daytime. One of these:


yeah the gro clock is pretty decent but now the clever bastard knows which buttons to press to make the sun come up! he’s better at using it than me, actually!