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It is odd how little you actually get to see of what goes on. I mean obviously it would be a complete nightmare having parents in, but would just like to spend a day to observe…and I like cutting and sticking


I’m sure they’re fine, but even if there is an issue, him being in a situation where he will get more socialised and is being looked after by childcare professionals, is probably better than them being outside of that.

Is there the possibility of changing to a nursery where some of his NCT buddies go? (assuming you did the whole NCT thing and he gets on with the other children)


It sounds like the staff are fairly switched on to his needs and they have identified that he perhaps has feelings he needs to work through. It’s a very difficult age. Before 3, they have no empathy at all, and while that is infuriating, at least you can say ‘but he has no empathy yet, that’s why he’s behaving like a dick!’ And then empathy arrives, and it can overwhelm some children who feel very deeply. I was a very very sensitive child, I can relate a lot to this. I know it’s really hard, but try to be grateful that your child, this little individual person, has real feelings, and he is growing and learning how to deal with them. I would monitor the situation closely and don’t be afraid to ask the staff to expand on what they meant with their comment, and what they are doing actively to help him. Ask them what you could be doing in the home to support their work. You will get there. And at least you’re getting this angsty stuff out the way before school starts! School will be a breeze by comparison


Yeah, I don’t think taking him out and going anywhere else is going to solve anything. We didn’t do NCT and his friends are scattered across various playgroups or slightly older. His cousin actually goes to the same pre-school on the same days but his cousin doesnt seem to play with him much and is in his own world a bit tbh


Good stuff.

We’re at 21 weeks. Don’t have any of those items. Much excite though.


Yeah, he is very sensitive, which is nice though because he is caring and thoughtful. Thankfully he will have 2 years at pre-school before starting school as was a Sept baby so he has plenty of time to acclimatise to the horro…joys of formal education


A lot of this, and also totally shitting it atm


Not really been to many soft play things, but the weather was so bad this weekend I drove to Byfleet with my son and went to this… He really enjoyed it. Only £6 for the pair of us. Parents all seemed to be quite conscientious which is what drives me mad about the soft play places near me.


On the recommendations front, we were at a bit of a loss of where to take a 14-month old who just wants to walk all the time when we couldn’t go to the park, and discovered the London Transport Museum has an awesome toddler section (it costs a lot for tickets but you can go back all you want for a year), and the Museum of London Docklands has an excellent small kids zone that is free (you have to pre-book a time).


This could be very useful for me, thank you for the tip :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, it’s brilliant in there. My son is really into trains at the moment. We’ll often just go to Wimbledon and get the tram to Croydon and back.

I really want to go to the Postal Museum. Apparently they have an excellent play section at the end though, but I think he’s a little young for the ride itself.

Never been to Museum of London Docklands. Will give it a go.


In a similar vein, if you’re in Bristol, is the Aerospace Museum. I just let them run riot underneath Concorde. Indoors, one exit, good visibility!


There’s a similar area in The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich too :+1:


I’ve been to the original Little Street in Frimley many times not been to this new pretender.

I work in Byfleet! That is West Byfleet!




Well I might be moving soon as it happens, Staines or Epsom. How they spoil me!


From bad to worse


Yes - West Byfleet! We were 15 mins early so went for a wander. There was a lad walking through the underpass who was impressively drunk. His shirt was done up using only the middle button and the top buttonhole. He was having to feel his way along with one eye closed. Was only 1pm.


West Byfleet is largely genteel but on one side of that underpass you have the pub The Station which (at least used to be) is a bit dodgy and then on the other side the Wine Bar.

I just looked and I went to a party at the softplay that used to be Little Street just before it got bought out.


Yes, felt very incongruous with the area.