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That’s the problem though, they won’t look into my account until I can provide the specific phone password which I didn’t have, so I have to wait for a reset to be emailed through - even though I provided my unique gov ID, national insurance number, all personal data and answered three security questions.


i feel your pain, we had so much grief with it. I’m sure your code will come through and then you can speak to them about it. Good luck!


Totally agreed. Don’t completely shy away from buying that oh-so-cute up-to-6-months dress (or whatever), but don’t expect it to get more than once for the obligatory thank you photo op. But clothes are a popular gift choice, so there’s a lot of competition. Others may be different, but we were barely wearing anything other than bodysuits and sleepsuits in the first 6-9 months, if I recall correctly. Can’t be doing with buckles and buttons and straps at that age. Also, I reckon they size these things down so you get through them more quickly.

Totally. Also, there may be a local sling/carrier library to allow you to try before you buy. We’ve had a Caboo lite (sling-with-a-ring style - enjoyed this at the early stages for sleepy fourth trimester cuddle carrying), a Baby Bjorn basic one (more structured - so easier to pop baby in and out, feels more reassuring but less cuddly), and an Ergobaby 360 (probably, as the best all-rounder of the three , my favourite - can easily do forward or backward facing). *and Dad (or non-birthing partner) - mum’s had nine months of carrying already: it’s payback time! :smiley:

Another thought - A Grobag. We love 'em. But they’re not cheap. Might not get used from day one, but each one gets a lot of use.

Also: Cheeky wipes. Not glamorous. But they’re brilliant compared to disposable wipes (which, admittedly, we resort to on the go). Towelling for bum, microfibre for face.

Argh, it’s so exciting. Enjoy Auntying. ,:blush:


Yes! I’ve used our carrier way more than mum has so worth checking with whoever will be doing the carrying…


As an update to my Tax Free Childcare crisis above… the code came through this morning and I was able to talk to them about it - turns out, the payment wasn’t made BECAUSE IT FELL ON A BANK HOLIDAY. And instead of defaulting to send the next business day or whatever, it just didn’t go at all and we weren’t alerted to it, so we have to log in and do it manually. Surely they can come up with a way to solve this?


Are you going for the vouchers or the new system? Can’t your re-set the password? I get vouchers via computershare (I don’t get a choice- that’s who my employer has chosen as a provider) and find them pretty good x


No idea. We pay money into the government account, they add 20% on top, and that money goes to nursery. That’s about my understanding of it.


Congratulations Aunty GP!
Lots of great advice already given that I agree with. My top essentials in the early months-
sling- close caboo was the one we went for and it was brilliant for 4th trimester carrying.
Sleepyhead- it’s like a moulded nest and babies love to sleep in it.
Clothes for mama! Especially for easy access breastfeeding- this site is quite pricy (princess kate’s pregnancy wardrobe is largely from here) but it has nice things
Jojo maman bebe is also great for inspiration.

The best presents that * I * received (as opposed to the baby) were a couple of nice maternity/ nursing dresses, that allowed me to wear something other than jammies in the first few weeks post-birth (your tummy doesn’t go down fully for a good few weeks).


Ah, I’m on the old scheme (it worked out as a better saving for us.) It’s all so fiddly.


Ah - we’re on the voucher scheme. Work deducts money from my pay (before tax), that goes off to “Cooperative Employee Benefits” who then pay the money to the nursery.

It probably works because the government aren’t involved :confused:



As ridiculous as it is, my wife LOVED her pregnancy pillow:





@UnicornPorn mentioned how great Jojo is. You can actually get vouchers for there, which could be a good plan - it means they get something they want, when they want it (because around the birth they’ll be inundated with gifts, but six months down the line, when the baby is bigger and the weather has changed, they’ll need a completely different wardrobe.


have you done the comparison between tax free childcare and the childcare voucher scheme?
ie the former is where the govt pays £2 for every £8 you pay, the latter is where you sacrifice a certain amount of your salary to pay childcare direct and it isn’t taxed. You can’t do both, but there will be different results… comparison here:


oh GOD YES. I loved mine too. Used to hump it in my sleep.


I assume Mrs HYG did but I will check with her, ta.


great juxtaposition of replies from UnicornPorn then HYG (combined with my filthy mind)


I mean, my post is also accurate for that too.


tv just got one of these. Might be time I emigrated to the spare room.


My sister-in-law ended up buying one because she loved it so much and she has no intention of being pregnant for years to come.