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I’d say if you get baby clothes get 3 months upwards as you get loads of newborn stuff that never gets worn because you have so much of it


General wants for me was always nothing big, noisy or both. The amount of clutter gets amazing, even teddies alone took up a huge box (and never even get looked at as a baby). Lamaze toys are good though, they rattle or have mirrors and squidgy bits on them that very young children can interact with. Books are a good gift as they store away nicely, you can pick ones with a nice message or that you read as a kid, put a note inside the cover too.

Useful things you probably need to ask, see if you can chip in on a baby sling or changing mat or boring things like a bottle steriliser. The best thing is being around in the early days helping out - bring round dinner or give them a break for an hour.


Clothes for your sister is a great shout actually, nursing dresses/tops might be a nice present because everyone is focusing on the baby usually and I am sure she would appreciate having a little treat for herself (personally I just got the cheapest tops going because I didn’t feel justified spending money on myself, so getting something just a little nicer would probably have had me in tears of gratitude).


Another vote for the Caboo carrier being great. I still have mine actually and it is in good shape if any expectant DiSers want it - I don’t have the instructions anymore but there are good detailed videos online of how to use it.


This is interesting:
How are Disers finding the midwifery provision where you are currently (or in recent years)?


Lewisham still seems to be very midwife heavy, I think the midwife-led birthing centre at Lewisham Hospital is pretty acclaimed and used as an example for what other places should be doing. Maybe that feeds in to stuff like Lewisham having exceptionally high breast-feeding rates and stuff.


Dunno about provision, but I wanna say again that all the midwifes we came into contact with were brilliant (and whatever it is they’re paid, it’s not enough).


The wee man has been sleeping in his own room for a few days now. He seems to have taken to it fairly well but it does mean when he cries for his dummy you need to get up and go deal with it rather than reaching over. It has annoyingly coincided with his new wake up time being 5am though but we know we’re pretty lucky - 8ish(pm) 5ish(am), is pretty decent as far as I hear.

Weird one last night though. Had his usual feeds all day, had his final one before bed at 7.30ish; that usually mean he sleeps right through till, the aforementioned, 5am. But last night he went down as normal then woke up screaming his head off about 10pm. There was no consoling him whatsoever, rarely seen him so upset. Eventually gave up after 15 minutes or so and ended up trying to give him an extra bottle out of desperation really - which he glugged down and slept through till 5am. No idea why he was so desperate for an extra feed all of a sudden. Anyone else had this experience?

It’s the unpredictability that keeps you confused / on your toes.


As a mate of mine said, as soon as you think you’ve got it figured out they go and change again.


Dunno how old your son is but could be the ol’ silent reflux which was a fucking nightmare for us. But you would probably have known about it before. Or the joys of night terrors which we had for a few months.


He does spit up but dunno at what stage you class it as reflux. He’s nearly five months.


I can’t remember how old your little one is, but potentially a growth spurt? They can be extra hungry and clingy during them.

Again, this might depend on his age, but I found getting R off of using his dummy was much less scarier than I thought, he learnt to sooth himself without it very quickly. He had only ever had it at sleep times and I took it away a bit before a year - cold turkey, just threw them away so there was no temptation and he was fine without it in a few days.

Edit: have just seen your post above that he is 5 months, so maybe a bit early for my second suggestion but possibly about the right time for a growth spurt.


I can’t remember how old ours was when we found out. It was pretty bad though as he would get reflux (sometimes visible, often not) and the only thing that would make it better would be more milk which would then lead to more reflux. He was on my wife’s breast at least every two hours and through the night too. It was a lot of fun (worst for him, then my wife, then me of course). Tried various solutions but nothing really worked and then it just stopped.

I’m pretty sure it was before five months though.


5 months? First tooth on the way?


I reckon. Teething never really bothered Jimbo during the daytime but he’d have trouble at night. That started around 6 months IIRC.


5 month sleep regression?


This also might be an unpopular view, but babies just cry sometimes and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Also, they’re not actuallymeant to sleep through the night until they’re much older- it’s an instinctive self preservation behaviour (against SIDS) that they sleep shallowly and wake easily and often, especially if they’re in their own room.


Similar. Red cheeks during daytime, but not much gripery otherwise. Nighttime had been a different story. Obviously shattered, but not sleeping cos of the tactic of keeping herself awake with a low level chainsaw/goat drone impression. :pensive: We got to 12 teeth by 14 months but, thankfully, things seem to have settled somewhat over the last month or so. We’ve not used dummies. Occasional interest in gummy chew teether thingies when offered, but just as often spat out. 5 ml paracetamol (free from the pharmacy) as often as is allowed throughout the night. Hugs. Patience. That’s pretty much been our way of muddling through.


We’re still on dummies with less than two months off his third birthday. He’s getting better, and it’s getting easier to reason with him - you can point out how other people don’t have dummies, and he frequently tells you that he’s a big boy (because he can climb off his chair, or whatever) so you can point out that big boys shouldn’t have dummies.

Only two more teeth to go.


Could be. Oh the joys. Luckily I’m off for Easter the now but once I’m back to work it could be ‘interesting’.