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We went cold turkey on the dummy and it was a lot easier than we thought. They become a bit of a pain, but I think it was worth using one for the comfort it gives them (and peace it gives you) at the time. Way easier to get them to ditch that than thumb sucking too from what I hear.


Blimey. No idea. Not really sure what I’d compare it to having only had one. The one who did the house visit was useless though. Just started banging on about Game of Thrones (which we were happy to chat about tbf).


While ago but absolutely brilliant women. Midwife unit was ace, although sadly now just birthing no staying for a few days like I had with R.

Health visitor another story but let’s stay positive.


Our health visitor was quite late (fine), and her first job was to pop to the loo and unleash hell. Didn’t even open a window.


We noticed this around six months - started taking bloody ages at night to get him into proper sleep. He’d get stuck just on the verge of it - super annoying! He got the hang of it pretty quick though.


Yep we just did cold turkey just before they turned two. They sent them off to Santa in anticipation of presents in return and it wasn’t as bad as we were worried it could be.


Yeah - our plan when it comes to it is that the dummy fairy will take them to younger children who need them more.


Early start this morning. Think my 2 year olds molars might be coming through? Face is a bit blotchy and he’s clenching his jaw quite a lot. Also appeared to have woken himself up by doing a huge crap in his pants which he has pretty much stopped doing. Was everywhere. Had to stick him in the shower and hose him down - he hated it. :disappointed_relieved:

Finally calmed down now though. In bed with my mrs watching YouTube and claims that his teeth are fine, although his gums feel a tad inflamed.


Right then, schools.

Our daughter is a mid-August birth, and we were going to be deferring her entry. It made a lot of sense to gain the extra year in Nursery, and our local authority wouldn’t have then skipped reception and put her into Year 1 with her “birth cohort” like a few other local authorities. It made sense for us.

Obviously, the school were a bit pissed. Not sure why.

It’s all moot now we’re moving back to Scotland, as her August birth puts her right in the middle of the August 2019 starting cohort under their rules, and that is fine to me as it matches up with what we wanted to do for her in England.


This worked really well for us. We weaned her off dummies for everything other than sleep just after two and then worked on complete removal just before three.

We bought a fairy soft toy which was the dummy fairy and kep reiterating that dummies were for babies and how she was a big girl, and how the dummy fairy might sometimes need to take them to other boys and girls. She got used to the idea and we would reduce the circulating dummy stock by asking her to leave a dummy with the fairy some mornings - then later in the day she’d be all excited and surprised when the fairy had ‘taken’ it.


Sounds good. We find out on Sunday. Is it the same in Scotland or are you going through a different process now that you’re moving?


Finally got the chicken pox! Anyone want me to post them some pus?


No! Jimbo was playing with a friend when a rash was discovered on the friend mid nappy change, when they’d been playing together all morning. We’re off on holiday in a couple of weeks, so it could be a complete disaster for us. Keeping our fingers crossed that either a) it was just a random rash and not the pox, and/or b) they didn’t play together for long enough for it to be passed on.

Fingers crossed that we don’t end up not going on holiday, or worse that we go on holiday and he can’t come back on the flight that we’ve booked :confused:


It’s pretty clear when it is the pox. Not just a normal rash but pussy (is that how you spell it? Pussy? Pusy?) spots and not localised.


All you can do is cuddle them while repeating the mantra ‘this too shall pass’. Or be like me last night and cry into a pillow whilst mouthing SHUT UP PLEEEEASE.


You can vaccinate up to a week after exposure (although ideally less than 5 days) and it will stop the pox (or mean that it’s much less severe).


The latest is that “it’s probably not chicken pox” so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. What I didn’t find out until a few days after the event was that this other chid was prone to the occasional skin rash, so I’m hoping it’s just everyone over reacting.

I could make a bad joke about people coming to rash decisions, but I think I’ll leave it.


just about any snotty cold virus can result in rashes for some children!


Can people talk to me about experiences transitioning from cot to bed please? I am interested in things like: at what age, what sort of set up, how it worked with existing bedtime routines or how you changed things (all at once or in stages).

A bit unsure of some things for when I switch it for R because he has been in sleep bags for ages and going to a pillow and blankets will be quite different, and currently he moves around a lot (not least because the sleep training stuff that worked for us was me gradually leaving the room and he switches from head to foot of bed as I move down). I was thinking maybe if I keep him in the bag and introduce a pillow to get him used to that first, then hopefully the attraction of the pillow will keep him from switching ends (unless he takes the pillow with him :confounded:) and then we can go from bag to blanket.

My other problem is that we are still in the same room for the foreseeable future and he loves climbing onto my (single) bed, so I don’t know if without bars keeping him in he will just try to go on my bed. I have bought some bedrails (very cheap in Toys R Us’ closing down sale) but I don’t know how effective they will be.


How old is he? My advice, if happy in a cot leave him for n as long as you can.

R went into a bed at just before 2 as we needed the cot back for V, was a pain as he then realised he could get out etc and led to night’s of sitting with him, putting him.back for ages when before it was literally in the cot and asleep.

V was about 18 months as we though he’d sleep better given that he always wanted to be in our bed. He didn’t. :smile:

The rails are fine for stopping them falling out but if you are asleep in the same room I imagine he would wake, climb and be in with you. Might just be worth getting a double bed tbh