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R is about 22 months, I wasn’t planning on switching yet but it feels like one of the impending things I should be planning for (another one of these things is potty training :scream:)

I might give him the pillow soon though, see how he is with that. Tbh I think that is what attracts him to my bed most, he goes straight to it most of the time. Maybe I should put the rails on my bed instead to make it harder to get in (it is already pretty high) :sweat_smile:


yep leave in the cot as long as possible, especially if sleeping ok. Once they start trying to climb out of the cot then it makes sense to drop the side, or move to a bed. with our oldest we moved to an ikea kids bed with one of those sides that’s quite good, because it stops him from rolling out, we needed his old cot for our youngest. She can have her cot converted to a bed by taking a side off but I might suggest moving to an ikea bed as well so it has the side bar thing


don’t rush into potty training but it’s a good thing that it’s coming up to the summer, fewer clothes to worry about and easier to wash/dry stuff


ooh just remembered that we’ve moved our youngest out of her sleepbags because she’s just too big, and now is in the cot but with a pillow and duvet - she took to it very easily


We didn’t get on very well with a cot, so our experiences might not be that relevant here.

He slept in a SnuzPod until he was about 9 months and then moved into a cot in our room (Did. Not. Go. Well.) Then we got a mattress for the floor, which he loved. We’d put him in a sleeping bag and put him down, and it was easy. If he needed to feed in the night, I could lie down with him and feed and snooze comfortably. So, when he was about 18 months, maybe just before, we bit the bullet and bought him a double bed. One side is up against a wall and the other side has a rail. It means if he needs a cuddle or boob I can pop into bed with him. TBh it’s comfier than our bed, so I sometimes just doze off with him. I love the cuddles. I know that this would be some people’s idea of hell (for me, hell would be to adopt a Gina Ford cry-it out approach) but each to their own!

Edited to say that he has a duvet now instead of sleepbag so he can get in and out of bed as he pleases. We’ve always let him roam.


We knew when time for a bed came as she would just scream being put into a cot. No real clue why tbh, she would stand up and cry immediately, even if knackered and had fallen asleep on us. This would have been just before she was 2, it was at the point where she theoretically could climb out if she put her mind to it also. I am not sure on what the setup was with sleeping bags vs bedding, but doubt we did it all in one go - it was a hot summer too. I seem to remember issues where she would lose the sheets and cry at night as she was upside down with no blanket on her though. The transition to a bed was fine, she found it exciting if anything - you can sell anything on the basis that it is a “big girl bed” or acting like it is something wonderfully exciting. It is a toddler bed so the same size, low down and with a little barrier on the edge but she still fell out the odd time.


The book I just read (Oh Crap) tells me we have missed the boat by waiting to potty train at 23 months :joy::rofl::scream:

Apparently the sweet spot is about 18m. We’re doing it on the next BH weekend, which will be only 8 months too late by her estimation.


Pfft. Mine were both nearer or at 3. Try too early and it’s just a literal shitstorm.


Somewhat relevant to the potty training talk, our daughter is 14 months so we’re not thinking about it yet, but we’ve noticed that in the past week she tends to “hide” when she poos - like goes under the table, into the corner of the room or even into a different room. Apparently this is pretty normal, but I’m just wondering about it on a human behaviour level… is there an innate sense of “shame” or similar about taking a shit? Is it learned because we sometimes make a fuss of how gross her shits are (they really are rank sometimes) so she’s learned to be embarrassed about it?


That’s what I thought! I only bought the book because I like to read up well in advance of things, and I nearly died when I read her views on ‘late’ training.


You are supposed to encourage talk of shit and stuff and make it seem natural and non disgusting. Which I enjoy but my wife not so much.


You might be a good candidate for early training! Our boy has been doing this for as long as he’s been able to crawl/ walk, and w just thought it was cute but apparently it is A Thing (Eliminaton Communication)-

This is the book I read.


I’m down with that (it is sometimes very hard not to open the nappy and be like HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE THAT though)


Not sure I can convince her nursery staff to go along with that! But we should probably start thinking about it.

I left her nappy off the other day because she had a bit of nappy rash, turned my back 30 seconds later and heard an “Uh-ohhhh”*, turned back and she’d done a MASSIVE piss all over the floor. I was impressed, if anything.

*That’s another thing I’ve been wondering - she’s started saying uh-oh when she drops something or something surprising happens I guess, but we’ve never said it (we say “Oy” as an our exasperated word of choice). Maybe it comes from nursery.


My son says JEEZO, and I definitely do not say that (granny Lesley, I am looking at you).


Reminds me of when we were potty training my youngest. I was giving her a bit of nappy free time one night whilst running a bath. I had my back to her, when I heard the words ‘dada poo poo’. Turned around to see her brandishing a massive log like an offensive weapon.

This story is of no use whatsoever. Sorry.


I laughed, that’s the main thing.


We did it just before 2. The main driver was booking a holiday place without a cot, so thought we’d try and sort it before that. Annoyingly, when I built his cot I mislaid the bolts I needed to convert it into a bed and we had to contact John Lewis for more which took bloody ages. So the first time he slept in a normal bed was our first night away. Bit nerve-wracking as the place didn’t have stair gates. But it was all fine. He didn’t, and still doesn’t, ever get out of his bed - always waits for us to give him the word or come and get him.

When he was little he did fall out quite a bit, so we’d always lay pillows alongside so he’d roll onto them. He sleeps so deeply though that’d he’d often spend the remainder of the night there so we’d have to check on him quite a bit.

Didn’t change routines at all really… Used to read him his stories on my lap in a chair, now we just sit in his bed. Like a lot of parenting tasks, the prospect of doing it was way worse than it actually was.


We used that ‘Oh Crap’ potty training book too. Seemed to do the trick. My son has now started going up to the loo by himself, putting the seat down, and getting on with it. I was pretty impressed. He claims to be able to wipe his own arse (and apparently they all do it themselves at nursery), so I snuck up after him the other day and saw him basically wiping loo roll on his bum cheeks before throwing it in the loo. Which explains the state of his pants after most days at nursery.


Oooh, poo chat. MiniWza had her first poo-in-the-bath last week. So proud.

I think we’re pretty open and celebratory about shitting in our household, so will be a bit miffed if we find stealthy shame poos behind the cupboard, etc.

Dunno exactly how I was potty trained, but I’m told I used to be one for changing my own nappy. Come in from playing lay down, whip it off, fresh one on, back out to play.

The move away from the cot will be interesting. Hoping the Grobag will limit her ability to clamber out until she’s, say, twelve, and by then it should be an easy enough switch over to a bed.

(Oooh, post 900. That looks a bit like ‘poo’. :poop: )