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We’ve got an ikea cot that you can take the sides off to turn it into a bed. We took the side off months back (I think we did it at Christmas when we’d both not have to get up for work just in case he did have some rough nights) but little Jimbo still hasn’t figured that he can get out of his own accord. We put in a bumper cushion around the top of the bed to stop him falling out which seems to be working.


I really appreciate the responses on bed and potty stuff. Tbh thinking about these things, particularly the latter, is often getting me to the verge of panic attacks because it seems so unmanageable. I have only just got enough confidence in knowing what I am doing to start being able to take R out for more than just a couple of simple, predictable and regular outings; it feels like I will be going completely back to square one having to learn a whole new way of doing things with him not being in nappies. Makes me feel like such a useless parent that I can’t handle any of these transitions.


The way i approach these things is to look at how many fuckwits manage to do a reasonable job of raising kids. That’s harsh and reductive, admittedly. But the point is that as long as you do your best, it’ll all work itself out.


Ours was nearly three too and it turned out to be really easy. I was dreading it, so hopefully it will be surprisingly good for you too. By that age she was really excited about it - we bought her ‘big girl knickers’ which she wore over her nappies for a while and got excited about choosing each day, regularly encouraged her to try the potty (even if she was just sitting on it for a while), she kept talking about it and nursery supported us well. One day my mother in law tried her without a nappy, it worked and we never looked back (bar a couple of v minor accidents). I’d say at 18 months the parent bears the weight of potty training, but their own enthusiasm carries them through later on.

She still has a nappy at night currently as she’s not as good at recognising when she needs a poo - so tends to hold it and then they come when she falls asleep and relaxes. We’ll work that one out at some point.


yeah definitely daft to try too early. you’ll get a pretty good sign that they’re ready. I think oldest was about 25 months when we did it and it basically took a week of some accidents. after then just the occasional ones. youngest is 23 months and will probably also be ready in the summer, she tells us when she’s done a poo or a wee and likes to sit on the loo but doesn’t do anything yet.


Thing is you do it and it seems enormous then a bit down the line you’re like why did we worry so much?

I know that sounds easy to say but basically if you’re worried about things that means you’re doing a great job. X

Also in my experience boys don’t care about big boy pants in terms of what they look like etc. So just get a job lot of cheap Asda ones!! Have you got a garden? That’s a good place to start, especially for boys who can practice watering the plants !


Saw this on Twitter this morning and had a light bulb moment - a few times I’ve pulled out her changing mat at home and pointed at it, asking for her to come over and get changed, and invariably she comes over and lies on it face down with her bum in the air. She definitely has some Muslim carers at nursery, no idea if they pray in the room with the kids, but it would explain why baby never just lay her on back like I expected.


My wee one does this too, but so far as I’m aware there are people of muslim faith at his nursery (in fact the local muslim population was nil until we welcomed some Syrian refugees recently.) I thought he was doing downward dog/ childs pose from Baby Yoga!


They’re like sponges at this age. Jimbo’s nursery is predominantly white (much like the rest of Brighton), but I’d like him to learn that just because someone is of a different faith they’re no different from him.

(although after saying that we will be teaching him that you can be a good person without believing in fairy stories)


Missing the word * no* There are practising muslims as far as I know at his current nursery although when he goes to state nursery there might be. Where we live (wee Scottish town) is not ethnically diverse at all.


I think you’re meant to pray in a clean area. Doubt many nurseries hit that standard.


Similar. And she’s just started doing theatrical lie-downs on cushions and the floor, etc, mimicking sleeping. If only she’d follow through. It’s like she’s taunting us! :grinning:


Already grabbed a load of super cheap M&S pants in the January sales, but asda is where I get most of his clothes so is my go to.

Had a complete reversal of thought as to R’s readiness for potty training today. First he really impressed me when we were at the library by running off to the toilet and saying he needed it (bearing in mind I have never showed him where it is there and it isn’t signed at all, so he has picked this up solely from seeing others go to it). But then during his afternoon nap he did a massive poo, which made me think twice about it being time. Generally he is getting better at letting me know when he has gone/is going and he sometimes asks for his potty (have introduced it to him and talk about it), and before today he had gone a week being dry/clean through naptime. Summer would be the best time to try tackle it, might time it for when my mum is off work so we have a proper clean up team in place if needed (one to tackle R, another to tackle accidents).

I find it daunting the idea of having to replan everything for leaving the house with having to keep toilet proximity in mind, I have only just recently got comfortable enough with how we do things now. (for anyone who doesn’t know, I am autistic so change is incredibly challenging for me, and planning is a really important part of being able to do anything)


I take R to a group at our library which is primarily for people with English as a second language (my family support worker invited me to join because they don’t have the demand to run any groups for disabled parents and this one suits my needs better than the other, more hectic, sessions they run). I like that it is a normal thing for him this early to be around people of lots of different ethnicities and hearing lots of languages. I am pretty in awe of the bilingual (and in a couple of cases, trilingual) kids tbh.


Yep - as well as being a very cool thing to know more than one language effortlessly, there’s all sorts of studies that show that it helps their other learning too.

We’re going to get him musical from a young age though, reading music is like reading another language.


The first few weeks are a little testing to be honest. Nothing like hearing “Dad - I need to do a wee” when you’re on the Northern Line. We bought one of these things that really helped/helps. Carried it with us everywhere and called it the ‘adventure potty’. The prospect of going out alone with him for the day stressed me out, but I basically realised that nobody bats an eyelid at the sight of a 2y/o pooing in a potty in public.

For bedtime, we still use those pull-up things. He doesn’t nap in the day anymore, but he will occasionally nod off and there have been one or two wee accidents. Always carry a spare pair of pants and trousers for such times.


Yeah, we find these with the potette liners really useful for being out and about too. It’s amazing how quickly a “daddy I really need a wee” follows “are you sure you don’t want to try the toilet before we leave?”


Anyone else staying up until midnight tonight waiting for school application decisions?


Just had all the letters through about R going to his secondary induction days. Terrifying stuff…


it’s crazy how quickly life seems to go when you have kids