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How did you get on?

Everyone we know got their first choice. Seems the boundary for ours moved a few feet this year so we didn’t. I actually quite like the second choice we’ve ended up with but the reason it wasn’t first was the air pollution. It’s in the middle of a major roundabout (!?). Wife is pretty distraught…


in a roundabout?!

Yes we got into our first choice, which is great news obviously. We’re lucky where we live that we’d have been happy with second choice, but also found out today at pre-school that most of his friends are going to the same school which is great


Yeah, it’s a big roundabout with a dual carriageway on either side. There’s flats there too, but when we were outside talking to the staff we couldn’t hear them over the lorries.

Think that everyone else getting a different school is what I’m most sad about. Evie takes ages to make new friends and every single person from NCT and nursery got into the same school, so she won’t know anyone. Know she’s young and will make new friends, but it’s the end of an era for her and us. Can’t see us seeing them all again now really…


ahh man that’s a real shame about her circle of friends, but I’m sure she’ll make new ones. Know that sounds trite but I moved school repeatedly when I was a shy kid and you just get on with it and young kids especially love making new friends, I’m sure she’ll be fine.


Once born, and genuinely, this isn’t a joke, just keep showing up with groceries. You will be a hero.

I loved getting all the flowers and toys and stuff, but when someone showed up with a plastic filled with bread, beans and fruit I could’ve cried.


I live abroad so I can’t really do this but I’ll bear it in mind to do a shop when I go and visit :slight_smile:


And lagers.


Looking forward to trying this. Music by Squarepusher?!?!


oh wow!


Party political broadcast came on earlier and my son was fucking beaming at Vince Cable! He also smiles the way he should at me at Owen Wilson and most news presenters! Anyone else suffer this treachery, not to mention the shame of your children’s appalling taste?! Don’t mind the news people to be fair…


MiniWza took a particular shine to a Scottish Green Party leaflet featuring Patrick Harvie’s smiley baby-face.


Son is obsessed with this at the moment. Was into Buckle My Shoe anyway.


Thought someone here might possibly find it useful to know that Cheeky Wipes have 25% off today, if any of those expecting were looking at getting reusable wipes or if anyone who already uses them needs oils or something.

(this post is not sponsored by Cheeky Wipes, but I do endorse them)


Pretty good that the offer applies to vouchers, too.

(Seeing as they do sanitary pads, too, would this be worth a mention in the period thread?)


Yeah, I have mentioned those before in the period thread so I will put this there too, good idea.


I know most of you have older kids than me, but what’s your general policy on TV time? Do you set a limit? M is 15 months and takes a lot of interest in the TV, which I admit we have occasionally used as a “stick it on and distract her for a bit” on a knackered Sunday afternoon. We don’t have it on during the week (easy to accomplish since she’s at nursery all day), and don’t want to rely on it at the weekend either, but she’s really got into Moana - if we absent mindedly sing some, she runs and grabs the DVD and starts pointing and yelling at the TV…


We try not to watch every day (think Monday was the last time) but pretty easy on it really. Sometimes can get a bit out of control on a cold wet day when we will watch a film and then some TV later on.

Thinking of watching Lost in Space with the boy but not sure if it suitable for a five year old (although we have watched Harry Potter and Ghostbusters…).


We use the CBeebies bedtime hour as a good routine to wind down before, well, bedtime.

And I’ll admit to putting the tv on first thing in the morning when I’m getting ready for work and the other half isn’t up yet.


I try not to think about it too much. If I started totting up hours viewed I’d drive myself nuts. I reckon it’s fine if you’re mixing it up with other stuff. I quite like getting home from being at a museum/park whatever then flopping on the couch with him and watching Toy Story or something.

We’re doing stuff with him constantly. Especially at the weekend. Don’t really see a problem with taking a bit of time out and loafing in front of the telly.


My main tv policy is that I don’t just let him watch it by himself, so he has someone watching it with him to engage and talk about things he is seeing.

Currently we watch up to one episode of Show Me Show Me or Let’s Play a day at morning or afternoon snack time. Going to start with a couple of cartoons in the rotation soon too (Timmy Time, might see what Pablo is like), and I might try a film or two soon too. Mostly though I stay firm in the no more than one thing a day at the moment. He turns the tv off too now when it finishes, which is good progress from him screaming when it went off.

If she is really into Moana specifically, could you try maybe just putting the music on instead, if you get it in CD (even if you only pretend play the CD if you do it digitally instead) then you can give that as something as a replacement for the DVD?