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You can parental lock them. On our one you hold the down button down for a few seconds…


I can certainly recommend the Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook (maybe that’s the one Sheeldz is referring to). Lots of good recipes.


That’s why the booklet says not to let them see you use it.

Can they turn off the lock too? Hold down the ‘down’ button for 3 seconds to lock it after going to sleep mode.

Anyway, it’s next to useless for our kid. I think some kids respond well to this sort of thing and others are just willful. I get the impression it depends on if you’re able to have the energy force routines on your kid early on.


My six year old niece recently showed my daughter that if you pull the lead out of the back then re-plug it, it cancels the parental lock.

Thanks. For. That…


:joy: amazing


Aldi are doing shit loads of baby/toddler deals on thursday. details here:

We’ve got a hauck car seat and it’s great, so that buggy is potentially good value


Just in case being a parent didn’t come with enough worry as it is, I found a watch battery on the floor of my son’s nursery (it had fallen out of a small night light thing he has) last week and then on my way into work this morning spotted this article on the front page of the BBC website:

Horrifying stuff…


First school visit and tour today - exciting stuff…

My memories of primary school are that it was basically child prison, with prefab buildings and draconian rules and inedible food and shankings and the like. The 80s ruled.

Anyway, things have obviously moved on as this place was absolutely lovely - was like being in Google’s offices or something. Also, was very excited to find out it is a German immersive school so saw some four year olds singing German songs (would have brought a tear to Balonz’s eye) and all of the signage was in German.

Got two more schools to see so will be interesting to see how they compare. This one is basically at the end of our road though so unless one of the others is super awesome, like David Beckham teaches there or something, then I think we may already have a winner.

Anyone else started looking for their offspring for next year’s intake?


Yeah, I have four booked in.

Got stitched up the arse by one of them. She emailed me the list and I replied within half an hour with the slot I wanted. She didn’t confirm so I chased a few days later and she claimed not to have got the email! We were squeezing them in to two days so had this day booked off. I was ready to go off and tell her to one and then realised I shouldn’t cut my son’s nose off to spite my own face.

May send her a poo if we don’t like it.


Exciting stuff, 'lonx - be sure to let us know how you get on.

My early experience of school administration is that it may be…variable in terms of quality.


I nearly changed our school selection when I found out our first choice used comic sans in the newsletter.

Then found out that most of them do :frowning:


According to my teacher friends it’s because it’s the only common font that displays a lower case “a” in the same way children are taught to write it.


yep. sickening


I think people forget the state of schools during the 1980s/early-90s.

I did a lot of school design during the 00s and you could see the huge improvements in teaching environments as buildings were replaced or repaired.


and we thank you for that marckee.


We’re (well, she is) currently doing nursery visits. Kid ain’t even born yet. And it will cost more than our rent.

Absolutely fucking nuts.


if only you were involved in font marketing as well


That is pretty early!

Yeah our mortgage is about the same as our nursery fees.


Apparently if we’re thinking about the baby starting next September we already need to be on their books and shit. Some of them charge just to get on the list - not even guarantee a place! Absolute fucking scumbag robbery.

Nationalise childcare.


We had to put a tonne down to secure our place. Did we see that again? Did we fuck.