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You are in a tough area too in terms of getting a place. How much maternity is your TV thinking of taking? My advice, get your name down as early as possible at as many nurseries that are vaguely suitable - they all want a deposit, but it it worth the initial outlay in my experience.

Are you guys doing NCT classes? If so, I can personally recommend the one held upstairs at The Old Nunshead.

At least you're right on top of the hospital, assuming you're going for Lewisham.


Just seen the chat about deposits above...


Shit, don't tell me that. We've seen two so far, another one tomorrow. One didn't have a fee so will definitely put our names down there, think the one tomorrow will be the preferred one if it looks okay (it's almost directly opposite our flat - although at some point I guess we'll have to move because we're in a one bed...)

She's planning on taking 8 months maternity leave, it's the best compromise regarding time off / not bankrupting ourselves.

We are signed up for NCT in September, Crofton Park library I believe.

And yeah, the hospital is in easy walking distance (and the birthing centre seems pretty swish, we had a tour), which is good. Not sure how we'll get home from there mind, Uber I guess :smiley:


Stop spending £35 on caps and she can probably take the year


I told you I regretted the purchase! I regretted it!


If she's only (!) planning on taking 8 months then you might need a Plan B and a Plan C as a lot of places around your way had a longer waiting list than that when our first was born, although that was during the freakish 2012 baby boom.

I used to work at Lewisham Hospital and that birthing centre is one of the best around.

Did you know, even if you were taking the baby home in the pushchair, NHS guidance won't let you leave the baby unit with the child in anything other than a car seat.


I'm not sure how enforced that is in reality (or if it's an urban legend) - once we were discharged I can't remember any NHS staff watching us get ready and pack up and leave.

That feeling when you leave the hospital with a newborn is so strange.


I was aware of the car seat thing, we already have ours. Also a fan of the fact that apparently the baby will have to be in a warm coat type thing to leave the hospital, but cannot wear it in the car seat, which sounds really handy.

Places we've spoken to so far haven't acted like we'd have a big problem or left it too late, and on one tour she was the only pregnant person while everyone else already had their sprog. But yeah, it can't hurt to be as prepared as possible.


The thing I'm struggling to comprehend at the moment is coming home with a baby. I can envisage everything up to, and including, the birth (as unrealistic as my ideas probably are), but coming home with a baby, and no one being around to tell us what we should be doing with it.... wtf?


yes it's really strange but incredible. also you do really quickly adjust and you can't really get anything wrong, you just adapt and learn really quick. the harder bit is managing all the other stuff (sorting out food and shopping, dealing with guests, getting returning to work, used to being on less sleep, if your missus has a rough labour or a c-section then you'll have to do quite a lot of caring stuff after that too).


I have a 5 week-old, so I've just done this very recently. I was a bit worried about the whole "how the hell do we look after a baby arrrgh" thing, but in the end it was just fine, you just do it. It's ace.




Way to reinforce the patriarchy you sexists.


Please refer to the OP for details pertaining to the inclusion of females in this thread mokes...


Any of you punks been/attempted to become a parent governor at your kid's School?

Thinking of putting my name forward. Mainly so I can get humiliated in an election.


No - I (very very) briefly considered it, then I realised it was a popularity contest and I don't usually do well at those.


My dad was a school governor. Seemed like a right fucking hassle tbh, but he's the kind of dude who quite enjoys petty arguments and throwing his weight around (in the best possible way).


yep. I think you're right.

Also, do I really need more meetings in my life?


Depends if you think that the current governors are doing a good job.

My mum was a school governor, but only because the existing board was full of conservative christian types trying to block things like sex education and support for low-income students.


Been off for a couple of weeks which has meant taking mini-stack to her various 'I have no idea what's going on' classes.

Baby sensory (not totally sold fwiw) did this thing with a massive beach ball being bounced around on a piece of canvas to the tune of 'up, up and away':

Have since been singing 'Up up and away in my beautiful Balonz'. It's driving me crazy.