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This isn’t bad actually:


That is excellent.

Luna has the budget version -


We just bought James the record. There’s already three decks in the house - even I agreed that we didn’t need any more.


Just ordered the record, excellent recommendation!


We’ve got the 70s version of that from when my wife was a baby! Plays at half speed now so all the records sound like something off one of those Annabelle movies.


That’s really cool


An Aussie singer called Holly Throsby who actually has zero interest in kids really released this album:

It’s still a firm favourite of my daughter’s now she’s 5.5 and it’s decent.

That said, other mates of mine have daughters and sons who fully into 70s metal and the like because they just gave no shits about ever playing ‘kids music’ for them.


Haha I was talking to another dad this week about how horror movies have ruined most of those mechanical musical toys. Luna has a turtle that plays Brahms Lullaby in her crib which goes off when she kicks it in her sleep. Have to check all the cupboards for sinister dolls at least once a night.


It’s fete day at nursery

(It’s going to be a tiger not an oopma-loompa)


Every time I see tiger face paint I think of the security guard in Phoenix Nights.


Can anyone recommend destinations for holidays in October with a 15month old?

I would like to go to Berlin because I am hipster trash but Wor Lass has read things about racism she isn’t comfortable with.


We went to Biarritz when Jimbo was 13 months and it was great. The flight’s not too long, and the airport is close to the town, so no long connection. The town is beautiful but also compact, the beach is lovely, safe and sheltered. We really should go back.


Love Biarritz


Our bairn is only 7 and a half.months but we just had a great time in Costa adeje in Tenerife. It’ll still be warm in October. Not sure what kind you are after. More of a city break sort of thing?


All three of them want to go to Berghain.


LOVE Biarritz. Great shout (we’ve not booked our hols yet- might look into that).


it’s such a lovely place.

We went on holiday in April and have nothing else planned for this year at all. I wonder if I should look into a long weekend there too.


Could imagine Berlin might be a bit of a pain with a toddler? A lot of the things I really liked about it were probably not very/at all kid friendly. Must say we didn’t notice it being racist as a mixed couple… Seems like a highly enlightened place.

Have you considered UK? Weather is a gamble obviously, but being able to shove everything in a car and get there in a few hours is great. We’ve done Cotswolds, Sussex, Southbourne - all been great. Had amazing weather in Southbourne, but it rained on the last day so we drove home early and went for lunch back in London.

I want to visit Dubrovnik again as I think it’d have a good mix of city attractions and beach.


Whilst this is what Dubrovnik offers - the main beach (Banje Beach) just outside of the city walls is an absolute shafter. Can’t take your own food and drink onto it and the loungers and parasols cost about £20 a throw to hire. Total con job. There are other beaches but they’re a good 25 minute walk (which at the height of summer is a beast of a trek)


Haha - really!? Clearly done my homework there. This is probably why I haven’t organised a trip abroad in 10 years.

When I went it was on a work jolly and thinking back, the beach we went to was private and sort of built into the hotel/