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Half term/school age children chat…

How are you guys with school age children finding entertaining them during half term? The reason I ask is that my sister was in that London for work yesterday and asked if I’d take my two nieces (4 and 6) for the day. Being the awesome uncle that I am, I of course said yes and asked where they wanted to go - Transport Museum apparently, which was absolutely fine with me. Decided that it would be nice for my 3 year old daughter to see her cousins, so took her out of nursery for the day and picked the other two up from Waterloo in the morning with plans to drop them off at 4:30pm.

Man alive, what a day. Not only is looking after three small children an absolute whirlwind, but central London during half term is unrealy busy. We walked along the South Bank past the aquarium, London Dungeon and London Eye and it was almost literally shoulder to shoulder. Transport Museum was a bit quiter, but still busy - expensive-ish for adults (£18 for a year’s admission) but free for kids up to the age of 17 which seemed good. Free treasure trail thing, story telling and arts and crafts too, so that was good too.

Chatted to another parent who was experiencing her first school holiday with her 4 year old and she had planned in a whole week of days out which sounded both tiring and expensive. Obviously the current weather is not massively outdoorsy (albeit still alright) but surely kids don’t need every day to be an event day? Is there anything wrong with just spending an entire day watching the whole series of Ice Age films (my preferred parenting option in most situations)?

Got a number of years of this kind of thing to look forward to when my oldest starts school next year - might just send her off to the local recycling centre in the mornings to make dens and the like…


from my (albeit bad) memory most of my half-terms were spent playing LEGO / Mega Drive / drawing / watching Disney classics / going to “the countryside” when my dad wasn’t working


These guys live in “the countryside” which I guess is why London is so exciting for them.

Took them to Byron for lunch which seemed to go down well and was very child friendly - aside from the waiter who frowned at me when I ordered a second beer. I needed that second beer man!


Thought it would be a good idea to go to the natural history museum on Monday.

Woooooah boy.

Got to see a whole lot of the outside of the museum in a snaking (thought constantly moving) queue for about an hour.

TBF was fine once we got in. And worth it for the ANIMATRONIC T REX.

My wife’s taken the week off for this half term, and we’ve got our son enrolled in playscheme for 2 half days - this was definitely a good idea.


I have always had school holidays off so have had to plan stuff, my plans have sjways been wear them out in the morning with walk/swim which is free here in holidays/trip to somewhere. Picnic if weather is not raining then home where they can play or watch films etc.

Getting together with other families in the park or to do National Trust stuff also good.

Top tips: take your own snacks everywhere, kids always hungry and food out is well pricey.
Get them out early, places are busy from around eleven so get there for opening for less hassle
Lots of free stuff going on in libraries and museums in holidays too


Forever finding ancient snacks in my bag: decayed mini boxes of raisins, smashed up rice cakes etc etc.

Always a hotwheel lurking at the bottom too


Took my 8 week old daughter to the butchers today, we bought a chicken and an apple pie. Then we went to the hospital, where it turned out she doesn’t have clicky hips, which was nice to hear, even though I never thought she did anyway. Pretty good day all round


Baby was due over a week ago now…god damn it’s frustrating. Life feels well and truly on hold. Can see the wife having to be induced again at this rate which is a shame. Home birth may no longer be possible :disappointed:

Still clueless about a name though so at least we have a bit more time for that.

Sure a couple of others were due now? Anyone delivered!?


We must be due some new DiS baby news surely?

School application update - have seen four of the five primary schools we are booked in to see so far. Two good, two not so good. We have the option of giving six choices when applying but, assuming our final viewing is also decent, is there any drawback to only using three of our spots? A friend of mine who is also going through the applications process currently is planning on only listing the one school he considers suitable on his application which sounds like something of a high rick strategy…


Yeah we’ve done three now (just one to go) and we liked them all… closest one the most which is good.

People who only list one school think they are being really clever. It can’t work like that, surely and if I worked in admissions I would do my best to fuck them over.


I was talking to a dad at a kid’s party the other day and he asked me how many schools we are seeing and he replied ‘oh only four, we are doing FIVE’.


We were basically guaranteed to get into our local school, we live 50m away and it isn’t oversubscribed, they go by distance. We could have just listed them but put two alternates from nearby that were most feasible to get to. Worst case scenario is by some fluke your year’s intake is massive, you miss out on a place, and the council just allocate you a space within 2 miles. Which sounds close but as the crow flies it could be awkward, and definitely be a shit school.


In fairness, if I was only doing four school visits I would feel like a fairly awful parent tbh tbf…

I am so fucking bored of primary schools already I am tempted to sack off the fifth and final visit and just stick it down as an option anyway.


Yeah shuffling round a school, standing awkwardly with a load of other parents in small spaces. And it’s all the same words just in a different order. The first one was the best as a couple of kids showed us round (although they were quite clearly poindexters, you should have seen one of them cry when I gave him a turbo-wedgie).


We are within 100m of our first choice school so am fairly hopeful that we’ll get in there, although it is always oversubscribed and our daughter was born during the massive baby boom of 2012/13. If we were allocated a place at our nearest school that is undersubscribed it would be one of the ones we’ve seen and were not impressed with, but at that point I might get involved in some horribly check your privilege appeals process…


We got shown around one school by a 10 year old ‘ambassador’. It was really good actually…


Yeah that was it. Those schools are good as well when they go to 11 as you don’t have to worry for a few years.


One of the reasons we’re pinning our hopes on our closest school is that it guarantees them entry to the associated secondary school which is also very good so no need to faff around with any of this caper ever again in theory.

That said, the tv has got her sights set on moving to the area that is right next to the best secondary school in the whole borough so that might come into play at some point. The downside is that I believe it would mean being neighbours with h_y_g…


Fuck that shit


Also, a school that goes to 11 - The School Of Rock?