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Not seen it (of course I've seen it, I'm not a total twat/@Aggpass)


Is that the Prendergast place?




I always swore it would be local school no matter what, if we were allocated a shit one then I'd accept it, it would toughen the kid up etc. All that is out of the window, I can even sympathise with real twattish behaviour and the whole appeals thing. We had a bit of an issue because our school has a second campus, which is inside a High School grounds. Even though we were so close to the main site we were allocated this remote campus as we were on the wrong side of the road. It was literally overlooked by smelly teenagers, had no facilities like a hall or after school clubs, a single tiny intake and it felt miles away. Turned out loads of parents were unhappy, but enough wanted to swap so it wasn't a problem.


I don't know anything about local schools, but it does look pretty smart.


We are actually fairly lucky for inner London that there is a range of decent primary schools around here. When we moved we went from Southwark to about 100 metres inside Lewisham, much to the disgust of certain elements of our extended social circle (particularly our NCT group) who were all grubbing around for properties 200 metres to the west of us that were billed as 'Peckham borders'. Now those same folk are scrambling around for Lewisham primary school places as it turns out that their plan was not particularly future proofed with regards having a non gang affiliated school in their locale.

Now as you all know I'm not the kind of smug I told you so type but NEEDLESS TO SAY I HAD THE LAST LAUGH.


Those are the kind of people who inevitably move to Surrey/Kent within 2 years of their kid being born.

"The house has a massive garden. It's so great for them. And it's only 6.5 miles from the train station".


London schools outperform just about every other area of the country.

I guess if they move out to the home counties their kids won't have to mix with non-white kids though, so there is that...


Who are you to judge my childhood pal? Also, it was only just over three miles to the station actually...


Yo dads!

Did any of you lot ever try baby signing? Interested in giving a shot when the time is right, can't be arsed with doing a course or anything, but maybe buying a book and giving it a crack.


Got a book, thought it looked like a good idea: were both set on giving it a go.

Then due to sleep-deprivation/PARENTING!, we completely forgot about it for about 2 years.


This sounds right up my street.


We went straight in to baby semaphore


I'm going to flag this post.


Did a bit with mine and she picked up some before speaking. She's 2.5 now and has a book which she really likes that's got loads of signs in. My wife knows makaton and initiated it all, definitely not something that I'd have thought of doing, but it's good fun learning them.



Thought I'd be well into them. Tried a couple at an NCT session the other day. Yup. Can't wait to get me some of that action.

42 days until due date. :hugging:


yep slings are great. The stretchy ones for newborns (just a length of stretchy material) are great, and we've got one of these for our 9 month old. Use it all the time:

You can even send them your own material you want them to use to make the sling which is quite cool. One of the TVs mummy friends has a minions one!


didn't do it properly but there are a few signs we use which are really helpful, like 'all gone'. if they go to a nursery you might find they do it there.


Same. He learned ones for 'more' and a couple of others - pretty handy. He can say 'more' now and still signs it actually. Quite sweet. Wish we'd done more.


They're great. We borrowed a Baby Bjorn thing too which was so handy. For short trips you can just stick them in that and not have to get the pram out.