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Yes! Spying on them before they see you is the absolute best!


Eaten by an escaped rhino no less!

Mind you, pretty much all Dahl books feature similar grimness. Matilda’s parents are abusive, the kids in Charlie are all maimed in creative ways…


That was the subsequent conversation we had.

He’ll have to be introduced to the concept of death at some point (already touched on in the episode of Bing where he catches a butterfly and he kills it), but I was thinking that would probably be due to our aged cat passing away.


Anybody have any tips for teething? Or want to share any experiences?


Baby nurofen.


Luna is teething at the moment too, found this pretty good as she doesn’t have the coordination for one of the big flat teethers yet. Bang it in the freezer for five minutes and she’s happy to gum on it for ages afterwards.

Trying to avoid teething gel for now but will no doubt cave at some point. Remember what my wisdom teeth coming through was like so do feel sorry for the kid!

Faye has also bought her an amber bracelet which is a traditional remedy for teething pain but I think that’s absolute bunk.


Yeah, we have teething rings and gels and stuff. Definitely staving off the gels as much as possible. It’s not the worse, but she definitely has defined mood swings


Think teething crystals are basically homeopathic nonsense but our kids liked the sensation and they helped a bit. Lots of calpol and alternate with nurofen


Seemed to somehow dodge the teething bullet. Lots of mates swore by this though.



I think so much stuff is ascribed to teething which has nothing to do with it.

But as per all child raising shit that’s just one prick’s opinion.

In conclusion: dunno.


Conversely, we went through loads of times wondering why James was being so difficult and sleeping badly, which all fell into place when we realised it was teething so :man_shrugging:

  • Ibuprofen after meals. Generic is fine or, if not available, Neurofen.
  • Paracetamol at other times. Generic is fine or, if not available, Calpol.
  • Anbesol as well as either of the above. Comes in a little bottle. Four dabs, max, on the gums at any one time. Nice quick tingle (might be more of a distraction than a fix, but it’s an instant noticeable sensation that gets their attention so they at least know you’re trying). Think you need to ask for it at the counter. Good stuff. Very recommended.
  • Bonjela gel hasn’t been much cop, really, compared to Anbesol.
  • Sophie was sometimes useful. Numerous other chewy things were as good as useless.
  • Failing that, hugs. Which did next to nothing to ease the actual pain but you’ve gotta catch 'em when they fall innit.


Calpol or nurofen and bonjella do most of our pain killing.

Cold teething rings were OK.

The Child used to chew cold sticks of cucumber in her early days.


Could be the start of a reworked Python Yorkshireman sketch.


Agree with this. Snotty, gross shits, tantrums, not sleeping well… all definite side effects of teething.


None of those are exclusive to teething though. Not even all in unison.

Just saw/see it so often. People telling you their kid is teething. Then months later you say how are the teeth and none are through or whatever.

Obviously it could be teething though.

Right, who wants a fight?


Our R does a swimming class with a little girl called Khaleesi. I know criticising other people and their name choices for this kids probably isn’t good but jeez.


Wouldn’t be my choice, but what’s so wrong with that?


I think it’s a bit weird. But name from a favourite book, or even a favourite film, and I would think it was fine so I guess it’s just snobbery on my part.


I dunno if it’s snobbery, Khaleesi (spelled that way) is only known for being the name of a character in GoT. So you’re basically restricting a child to a name with only one reference and I think that’s slightly unfair. Having a name that’s so strongly attributed to something just seems unfair, and perhaps doesn’t allow a child to grow up into the person they choose to be.

Even if the idea is that you’re not naming the child based on the character, but taking the name and its meaning from the dothraki(?) language/name, people are still going to make that connection and she’ll have to deal with that for the rest of her life. I guess there are various name variants that she can choose from and that might provide her more agency as she gets older.

Maybe it is snobbery. IDK