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Yeah, we stopped using the nanny and started nursery in Feb of this year which coincided with him picking up EVERYTHING. At first I was really diligent about keeping him off despite the inconvenience to my working life, and then in the summer we realised that he had hayfever as opposed to (or maybe as well as) a cold, so now I just shove him into class with a green nose and shout ALLERGIES, before legging it to the car. Obviously I wouldn’t do the same with puking (unless it was obviously just car sickness related).


Same - cold this week, Hand Foot & Mouth the week before :confounded:

Tbh, I would have just kept him off but I have two separate medical appointments tomorrow morning and it won’t be easy to either get R looked after or to rearrange. Bit selfish really.


We took our daughter to the doctor after nursery had sent her home with hand, foot and mouth and he told us nurseries have no grounds to send children home with hf&m and next time we should insist she stays. Looking forward to trying that one out.


Last year I got myself vaccinated against the pox, along with the boy, because I can’t take 10-14 days off work (I currently have lymes disease, which isn’t too bad in itself but the treatment is awful, and I’m still heaving my carcass up in the train to work each day. If I can somehow try to cut down on time off that I or the child need to take then so much the better!)

It’s such a fine balance though between not infecting other kids and vulnerable people (such as pregnant nursery workers, or other nursery mums)and not being overly protective and using up all of your annual leave with covering sick days.


Not at all selfish, and I bet he will feel even better for being back at nursery and having his mind taken off his poorly times.


oh GOD let’s not start a vaccinations thread. IGNORE MY POST.


It’s always worse at this time of year, as another year’s intake comes in with a fresh set of new germs. It’ll all calm down in a week or two thankfully (and then get worse again next September / October)



29th FEB


So much this. Since August I’ve had the cold three times, tonsillitis and a flu like bug for a few days. Want to bile ma heid right now.


Fintans_kitten (Noah) is 1 week old yesterday and has so far had a fairly uneventful time in NICU. He’s over his birthweight thanks to the incredible dairy that Mrs stack has set up and some of the haze is beginning to settle. Next stop, 2lb please!

He’s absolutely lovely, I got my first cuddle today :blush:


OMG, just catching up on your news!! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little baby.

I have no experience of premie stuff, but I had a C-sec (albeit planned) and a baby who spent some time in NICU, so I know a wee bit about how that works, and how it feels as a parent, and if I can help in even the slightest way then dm me, please. Even if it’s just for an offload. Sending massive love to you all. Goes without saying but grab whatever rest you can whenever you can. :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


Aw thank you “, he was small for gestational age at our 20w scan and then confirmed IUGR so we had some time to prepare, which though scary has taken some of the edge off. He was born at 29 weeks so has a fair bit of cooking left to do. Just really grateful that he’s so far been comfortable and quietly getting on.

NICU is another world really and I think our time there is profoundly changing me. I’m just in awe of everyone there really. And preemies are so cute and such fighters.

How’s mini-corn getting on?


NICU is definitely another world. Our experience of it profoundly changed me too- I will never forget it, and it put everything else in life back into proportion (in a good way). Even although it is a stressful and sad place, it is also life-affirming- everything that can possibly be done within the realms of science as it stands is done for these little people who need some help. Like you say, it has changed me forever, and there isn’t a day that I don’t smooch mini-corn’s smelly, sticky wee face and remember those times. He is doing brilliantly and is a real dude now. Two and a half in a couple of weeks time!!! Unbelievably cheeky and will defo run rings round us for some time to come.

I’m so glad you’re coping and that you had some preparation time. Nothing can ever really truly prepare you for the reality of it all (especially the beeps and sirens of the incubator alarms), but if you’re like us then your brain ends up (scarily quickly) doing a cool thing of adjusting and allowing you to go with the flow of it all. I guess you don’t have any choice really, and all that matters is pulling together and soldiering on, but you do have happy days and take joy from it- when I describe it to friends who haven’t had a baby in nicu I’m sure they think I’m quite mad when I talk about the happy times! Every day will bring a new goal, and you keep focusing on that. And enjoy the cuddles/ kangaroo care whenever you can! I’ll be keeping you all in my thoughts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aaaand now I’m welling up :cry: you put that perfectly. I already have so much to thank him for!

Feels good to hear from someone who’s been there, I can see how we could end up a bit ostracised from some people we know through them being a bit scared of how to treat us and/or having to confront something as serious as this.

Time for my check in call! (Bet you don’t miss the two-seconds-in-actuality-but-feels-like-your-entire-life wait for them to transfer your call each time!)


I was going to say “please don’t cry” but you absolutely should cry when it gets to you. You can be dizzy with joy and love but also able to acknowledge your stress and sadness too…kisses.xx go and make that call. X


My boy was born at 32.5 and we had a couple of weeks in NICU. Once the initial worry went it was a lovely chilled time really. The people in there are fucking brilliant.

Glad it is going well for you.

Our boy is now five and one of the biggest in his class and doing really well in every respect (apart from calling me a fat, random old man). A few months after leaving NICU you would never have known he is prem.

Yeah if you want to know anything let me know. If I can remember.


Sounds like he’s absolutely smashing it tbh tbf :+1:


Thanks mate. Biggest challenge is learning to take one day at a time really. I bought the Preemies book which is a blessing and a curse cause it’s good to be clued up with the doctors but I’m also prone to read more than I need to and worry about his outlook. Hoping I’ll get that in check when he moves closer to home (the drive to luton is killing me too)

Mini balonz always sounds absolute class tbh.


Hadn’t even considered that people had to travel as we lived just ten minutes from our NICU. Thinking about it we had people from Brighton in ours.

Always used to think we would keep in contact with some of the other families in NICU, didn’t but used to see some about, driving past or whatever, which was always nice.


Yesterday the charge nurse said that they once had triplets in from Truro. They all had to be transferred one at a time. Crazy.

The transfer guys are absolutely amazing btw. Couldn’t have been more scared watching the worlds tiniest little guy getting bundled into a van a few hours after he was born but they were just incredible.

These guys: