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Check out nct sales for Baby Bjorns. Got ours for £8 and it’s done my son and my niece.


yeah nother vote for stretchy fabric ones for newborns. i spent many an hour walking around with ours when he was brand new with him sleeping and me listening to podcasts and her indoors sleeping. had my technique down for unwrapping the sling but leaving him lying on my chest when I got home and got into the spare bed.


Anyone got any experience with hypoallergenic formula? Nutramagin, Neocate etc…

Our youngest (8mo) seems to have food intolerances up the wazoo - cow’s milk, soy, beef, possibly wheat and other proteins. Mrs_ravens is still breastfeeding but it would be good to have other sources of milk so that I can do some more of the feeding, but I’ve heard they’re grim as fuck.


Yes. Very much so. Youngest had trouble sleeping and feeding, would cramp herself up in pain and struggled settling pretty much from birth. We were prescribed ranitidine for silent reflux which did help. She also had little spots and rashes over her though, and problems after certain foods so we considered various intolerances. Which I never considered, I thought such things were just in the minds of paranoid parents. My girlfriend cut various things out of her diet as it would come through her breastmilk - in the end soya, eggs and dairy were off the menu for both. It can drive you crazy, we had food diaries and were ditching beef, fish and peas for a time too. Soya is an odd one, I think it is structurally quite close to lactose and it finds its way bloody everywhere. Most breads seem to have some lingering in there.

We went onto various formulas, some had denaturalised lactose in them (or something), I do remember Nutramigen being particularly vile. It looked and smelled like Campbell’s mushroom soup, she wouldn’t touch the stuff. We settled on Neocate. Almost like magic this stuff, took a while to get used to (mixed half and half with her usual stuff) but it seems to act just like “real” formula and is free on prescription :wink: Seemed to sort her right out that, as well as cutting out dairy, eggs and soya. Not as challenging as you’d think, even using pots rather than cooking from scratch. Oat milk was the best plant milk for general use, violife vaguely OK for spreadable cheese. So, so many bad fake cheeses. Chocolates ditto. I’d focus less on replacements to be honest and just revise the whole menu or you will spend your life paying £5 for some grim as fuck cheese free pesto.


That’s really helpful! It sounds like you’ve been through a very similar thing to what we’re going through. Less skin reactions more in the way of discomfort and mucous / bloody poos.

Mrs_ravens is going through another elimination diet at the moment - we’re two weeks in and things have cleared up - but it’s quite hard work thinking of interesting ways to cook lamb, rice, potatoes and some fruit and veg (obviously not as hard as being limited to eating that I realise). I’ve made apple juice only caramel to tart things up and found some apple only cider which has helped!

The additives in stuff drive me crazy - it’s not even easy to find baby vitamins without something in it (Abidec is peanut oil ffs) - and almost everything has soy.

The paed has suggested Neocate (because it’s not hydrolised milk I think) - what did you mix it with?


She was on some version of Aptamil, just mixed it to start with so she got used to the taste, then went fully onto the Neocate. It has got good reviews in all the babies with intolerances yummy mummy groups my partner is involved in. She did a good couple of months on just a meat and two veg kind of diet then stopped breastfeeding, worked out pretty well apart from the limited diet and unwise forays in trying to find replacements for things like chocolate and cakes. My daughter really is happy as larry, she has her weird spready cheese and dairy free butter, but otherwise carries on as normal with her oat milk and Neocate.

The good thing is as time has gone on things have improved (she is 14 months now nearly). She was confirmed as having no allergies - it did take some time to get a referral to a specialist. You then have things like a “milk ladder” where you give them something as simple as a malted milk biscuit and note the reactions. Then work right up to having an actual glass of milk in theory. We found initially we would accidentally give her something technically with soya in it and be fine, then something else and have a green poo, but it evened out to her having bread with soya in it regularly now. Eggs are the last really, she properly came out in a rash with that across her face so we have avoided them entirely in their purest form, but in cakes has been OK apart from gross shits. I’m pretty confident she will be alright long term, I think most grow out of it unless they are actually confirmed as having allergies.

The main sticking point I remember was the breastfeeding and just not knowing what could be causing problems - any tiny mark or smelly poo we would be racking our brains. Not helped by all the “may contain soya” type products. She has never had an issue at with peanuts oddly enough, I think they say to get it over with early these days.


Been for the fifth and final primary school visit so it’s make your mind up time now. Still going to go for the one at the end of the road as our first choice as it just seems so nice, plus is super convenient.

That said, the last school we visited apparently has the highest attainment level of any reception year in the borough (because that’s really something we should be testing and will set you up for life) and is pretty impressive results wise. The tour there was the only evening one we’d been to and hence the only one where there were no kids doing their usual school day. Empty primary schools be freaky yo. Also, the parents on the tour were ridiculously LME/aspirational/pushy which, being punk as fuck natch, kind of put me off. It’s only primary school right, and should be a place for learning arcane playground games rather than how to pass exams right?


And in other Dadsnet news, took the kids to the local soft play the other day and while navigating the ball swamp noticed that there was another parent there vaping away - not in the sit down coffee area next door, but actually in the soft play. I’m not sure where we’re at these days with regards vaping in public places, but that’s not cool surely?


I would have flipped my lid if I’d seen that. Vape smoke has been shown to contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals that young children should definitely not be exposed to. Fucking idiotic.


I’d take convenient and good over some “attainment” thingy. As someone pointed out recently, it could be the complete opposite by the time the kid leaves anyway.


Indeed. I’m quite chilled about it either way as, as I mentioned up thread, we are overblessed with good schools all around us fortunately. Presumably yet another example of London hoovering up all the talent and resources like a dark star…


You guys ever feel like just forcing them to focus completely on something like piano or tennis and being real overbearing so they might end up hating you but they actually turn out to be fucking amazing later on?
Seems like a fair toss up to me.


Are developmental leaps legit? It reaaaally seems to coincide with Eva’s more ‘difficult’ spells. Is it commonly acknowledged these days? Just I hadn’t really heard of it 'til Mrs stack whipped out the ap.

First tooth showed up, she doesn’t care. What a champ.


Yeah toying with getting her really into curling.


remember it seeming to tally up with our oldest for their first year and then lost track. it’s broadly helpful for when you feel you’re in a steady sleep routine for a week or two and then it all goes to shit - makes you realise it’s (hopefully) a short term thing


Yeah that’s why I mentioned it. It would’ve been good to know for the first couple.

Also didn’t know the four month sleep regression existed :ok_hand:


I was “forced” to do piano lessons. In reality I had a keyboard which I liked playing, my parents wanted a piano as a piece of furniture, so they got it on the understanding I would do lessons. It was with an old lady who smelled of cats and it was pure classical, always working towards Grade 1, Grade 2 etc. I managed to drop out, but it gave me a really good foundation in music, I then taught myself loads of songs and it really helped with the guitar later on.

It would have been preferable to be something I actually liked though, so I am going down that path. Kids get good at swimming, I have seen several parents getting up at 5am to take their kids to daily swimming practice and aiming for competitions. Fuck that. Up once a week for them to play football or rugby for fun with a team of people they get along with? Much better.


Got my application in yesterday. We saw four schools (all part of the same academy) and we would have been happy to go to any of them. In the end we chose the one that was closest and also goes through to secondary school.

As far as I can tell he is pretty much guaranteed to get in due to intake of 60 and last year something like 10 were siblings, couple of teacher’s kids, couple of other special reasons and then 20 odd closest school and then the rest.


they definitely are…look at Wonder Weeks - here is a good chart


No one told me @balonz was in the credits for Do You Know.