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Yeah I remember one of the ones who kept turning up at ours was a tiny little fella. Maybe he felt an affinity.

Yeah they all do such great jobs. Puts me to shame…


Wee yin was getting frustrated for ages because he couldn’t master crawling. But then it clicked and now this has coincided with a massive amount of moaning. Every time we direct him away from forbidden things or dangerous things there’s a tantrum. Also been much more clingy recently, any tips?


R used his potty for the first time tonight! It is amazing how proud of someone you can be just for having a piss.


The advice we had was to distract them with something or be as positive as possible when you’re steering them clear of danger. They don’t have the language to understand you can tell them off without being nasty, so you have to affirm/ reassure them as you do it.

The Child still has meltdowns but they last for all of ten seconds.


Despite the bairn not picking it up from nursery I seem to have contracted hand, foot and mouth, I think. Or maybe it is shingles or something I’m really not certain. I can assure you all that I feel maddeningly itchy and absolutely terrible so yeah. Anyone ever had hfm?


@hip_young_gunslinger may have I think. His little one certainly did at least


Congrats! For me, one of the best parenting moments…


Aye this is awesome “, well done both of you!


Jnr has had herbal tea since she was 6 months old, and proper (decaff) tea started recently so 2.5 She just loves hot drinks! She only has 1 or 2 tiny cups a week


I didnt think hfm made you itchy but not had it to I might be wrong. If you’re feeling run down it could be Scarlet fever? That made me so itchy. I remember after I got over it the mother of my bf at the time said she though when I was saying I had scarlet fever that it was code for me being on my period, why i kept announcing that i was on my period to her didn’t really cross her mind :blush:

I know where I live chicken pox is doing the rounds again.


Anyone tried to enforce naps when you suspect they’re growing out of having them? I’m sure this is impossible because getting her to have one at the best of times was tough but now they’re getting later and later and shorter yet at nursery she goes down early and has a long one so I feel like there’s still potential to keep them up somehow.

Don’t want naps to ever end please.


We’re just coming out of the end of naps. He has only really needed them when he’s had an energetic morning, but he’s not needed them for that so much recently. He can get really irritable in the half hour before bedtime if it’s been a busy day.

Like you, my other half really found naps useful to break up the day, but we found when Jimbo had napped bedtime took forever, but now in no nap world he’s always asleep by twenty / half past seven, so we’ve got a bit more regularity back in our lives again.


If you want them to nap, full on mornings are what’s needed (at least for Jimbo). Or a big long drive after an early lunch.


That sounds good. She doesn’t sleep before 9, sometimes even 10 but it’s always been that way even when very tiny. It will be nice to have evenings to work properly rather than starting work at 10pm and ready for bed. But still…naps are amazing


We’ve always started bedtime around 7, but he does wake up about 6.30/7am, which only works because I get up that early for work.

Last time James napped, I was meant to be going to a gig, and my other half had invited people round. They had to sit on their own until 9pm until he went to sleep. After that night, we swore off naps, however useful they are during the day!


F always napped at nursery and almost never at home I’m afraid. Could only get her to nap via bus or pram journeys after a big morning.


And she sleeps well but getting her to sleep before 8.30 is raaare


anyone want to talk car seats? our son is 4.5 and at group 2 stage. we need to buy two new car seats for the kids and could get a group 1-2-3 seat (times two) or we could move son onto a booster seat instead and save almost £200. obviously booster seat doesn’t come with any side impact protection/head support. is that a big issue? for main family car will probably just stick with a seat, but as a second seat in my wifes car which is just for going around town? probably answered my own question and a seat is safer and worth the price, but do people use the boosters and find them good?


Yes, we used boosters in my car. The ex had them in main seats in hers, but they were perfectly fine in the boosters in mine.

The useful thing with the ones we used is that they double up as backpacks, so really useful when going away or somewhere you might need to get a cab, for example.

So long as they are secured to the main seat belt, I personally wouldn’t have an issue with them.


We’ve got these booster/backpacks for holidays but stick with car seats for home :+1:


That’s exactly what we’ve got. They’re great.