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We’ve been to two visits, the first one is only taking 1 reception class, each person/couple were given a tour by generally great year 6 kid, all the teachers were accessible and engaging. 2nd one we were subjected to a boring powerpoint presentation filled with buzz words by the head teacher and a group tour where we couldn’t really ask questions without being overpowered by other pushy parents. But my wife prefers the 2nd school because it seems more academically rigorous.

Anyhow, our preference doesn’t seem to matter too much since most of the schools around here are likely to be oversubscribed, so we have to put our catchment school (the first one) as first choice so we stand good odds of getting her in there. There is a relatively close school with a big intake that we’re really trying to avoid - labelled “inadequate” by Ofsted. We may even put down a Church of England school (we are foreign atheists) as our 3rd choice just to ensure we’re not stuck there.


My daughter’s been doing this at her school in the last few weeks, she’s absolutely loved the experience. Mad to think it’s 7 years since I was doing this same thing choosing for her, thankfully we chose well and now we’re in the midst of secondary applications.

That’s been an interesting experience in itself, particularly the Principal’s talks on open evenings. One of the local ones which had an appalling OFSTED inspection in May was essentially a corporate presentation filled with visions, buzzwords and all the kind of shit I have to go through on team awaydays at work.


Been on a few school visits. On one we were guided around by a couple of the kids. Very sweet. One of them had really polished up his little sales spiel - “You can have music lessons and stuff. And it’s ALL… ABSOLUTELY… FREE…”

Yeah, similar to us.


The best thing about visiting schools is the other kids who are hilarious. I remember snort laughing at a kid who just randomly shouted THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING AT THIS SCHOOL!


I have stopped seeking input from anyone on this subject aside from my other half and son. Just gets too annoying.


I’ve been reading How to Talk so Little People Will Listen, or whatever it’s called and I’m trying to do the choice thing but it’s so hard. Sometimes it definitely works though, “would you like to put those dolls down whilst you go to sleep or would you like to cuddle them to sleep?” Seems to work better than “go to sleep now please as it’s late” sort of thing. She woidlnt put her pyjamas on the other night so now I say “do you want to put your pyjamas on slowly or quickly?” And we alternate between slow motion dressing and super speedy. Sometimes I cba but ultimately it gets things done quicker and with less upset.


M loved Bitz and Bob but gets 2ell annoyed when I don’t the words to 90s kid show Bitsa Pieces or whatever it was called.

Bitsa Pieces, bits and bobs, put 'em together…What a lov-a-ly job.


Wow those typos are incredible


Giving Jimbo the choice of two different things from the one they’re doing used to work (the choice when he’s being a pickle when I’m trying to get him to sleep of “is it bedtime or is it tickle time” still works a treat), but more often now we have to try and make a deal with him - he can do what he wants IF he gets dressed first. He’s playing us, that’s for sure.


I was doing that too but the choice is working better…I think you need to make both outcomes of the choice the same (he could just choose tickle time over and over for instance). This is what this book says anyway. So you could say “should I tickle you to sleep now or should I read you stories to sleep instead?”. Maybe.


Jimbo’s choice is that he doesn’t want tickles, so instead of being a fidget, he lies nice and still to avoid tickling






THat book is my bible (I actually lost my first copy and bought it again). Hard to execute the teachings though when he’s headbutting a stack of shelves in aldi as people around you expect you to ‘take control’, and I’m kneeling there going ‘son, I can see you’re so angry, aren’t you so frustrated and angry’ etc. So I just end up leaving the shopping and doing a fireman’s lift of spitting kicking child out of shop :rofl::sob:

I definitely can see as he’s getting older though that he is stopping to listen to what I’m saying and it’s filtering through, and he nods when I say ‘you’re so angry with mummy because she won’t give you bedtime crisps’. the choice thing is great too, although I suspect he’s starting to see through that tactic.


I think I bought it after you mentioned it.

I tried out the emotion th3 ing this morning after she kept making a little fake cry noise, every time I asked what was up she blanked me but when I said “you seem sad” she said yes then was fine.

It’s great when things are going well but as you say, not really possible in full on tantrum territory.


I wonder if that fake cry is developmental for around 2.5y because he has been doing it too recently- and pretending to be sad for attention. Manipulative little buggers- just as well they’re cute!!


You know people already think the Scottish eat badly, don’t you?


My son is on a one-toddler mission to make bedtime crisps a thing. If only he could have his own way.


He’s got me on side


I can’t imagine where he gets it from. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: