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It kind of goes against what you would expect/common sense but the educational consensus from research is that high flying pupils working alongside less able pupils is beneficial not only for the less able but also massively benefits the most able.

This is me agreeing with you, by the way. Reading it over I wasn’t sure that was clear.


Anybody have any good boardgame recs for a 6yo?


I used to love Mouse Trap, Ghost Castle and Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs at that age - stuff you can build.


Guess Who is one my two loved at that age and there’s a really cool one called Bugs in the Kitchen which is fun.


bit boring maybe but my son (nearly 5) is really into draughts at the moment.


We’ve just got a kids scrabble set, which 5yo is very keen on but not sure how properly it gets played.
Ditto Star Wars chess.

Snakes and Ladders can be fun.


This is great.

An Olivia Coleman narrated toddler Koyaanisqatsi.

If there’s a chill-out/stoner thread, feel free to cross-post.

Also, #ASMR, maybe. Speaking of which, the narrator’s voice for Miffy really is quite something.


Having a lot of boundaries tested rn :expressionless:


It’s a shit weekend here too. Meltdown while we were out for pizza last night, woke up before 6 this morning, had a massive tantrum during swimming, then lost his shit at the supermarket early afternoon. As we were driving back, he finally napped, which he probably should have done yesterday lunchtime :grimacing:


That does not sound fun :grimacing:

Here’s hoping for smooth bedtimes.


He’s had a nap, so it’ll be a looooong bedtime. I’ll need maximum patience. I haven’t felt like a great dad this weekend, despite doing even more than I usually would.


Same here (obvs as a mum). Feel completely ineffectual and like I should be sterner but don’t have it in me… hoping this is a blip of bad behavior because of teething and a lingering cold and that I haven’t just let things get generally out of control by being a Bad Mum.


First birthday for our wee man so party with friends yesterday at our house. Family today at our house again. I am so exhausted.

Wee man has been a bit out of sorts. Barely had a smile out of him. Don’t think he’s a fan of big crowds and yesterday there was like 25 people in our modestly sized living room.


Snakes and ladders is a classic for a reason.


Dunno if it’s been the weather but our two have been pretty hard work this weekend as well


He’s been on snakes and ladders for a while.


Big weekend for us, Luna is in her own room as of last night and seems pretty happy (the Snuzpod she was in was starting to look like a matchbox she was getting so big), in her proper seat on the pushchair and gummed about 1/50th of a rusk earlier. Exciting times!

What are your experiences with baby lead weaning and does anyone have a good high chair recommendation?


We’ve started Orla on the baby porridge this weekend. Only a very small amount, but she seems ok with it. No idea how it’s going to go tbf.


the ikea one that everyone has. costs something like £15 and is dead easy to clean. you can get a padded cushion thing for it when they’re little

baby led weaning is a faf but seems sensible as a concept. we did make quite a lot of ‘mush’ like brocolli mush and stuff that we froze and then thawed for meals along with finger foods and things


“Sorry” for sure.

She loves dominoes too.

Also will play the adult version of Carcassonne with the basic rules in use.