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We have the ikea chair and it is ace, lot less faff than others and much easier to clean (Turns a bit orange after heavy tomatoeing but does fade back to white). Was a bit skeptical about BLW at first but went well (tho most things we cook were on the mush spectrum anyway) and lad seemed to enjoy it.


Currently on annual leave looking after lad who got hand foot and mouth rash on Fri - nursery say he can’t go back for till Thurs. Anyone had similar quarantine related hols recently?


Yeah, tonsillitis last week. Wife did Monday, I did Tuesday, he’s off anyway on Wednesday. A slog of a day - he wasn’t in great shape so we basically didn’t leave the house aside from a quick jaunt to the park. We’ve been pretty lucky with illnesses and stuff though so shouldn’t complain.


“most things we cook were on the mush spectrum anyway”

That’s about the size of it. :grinning:

Quarantine-related time off? Had a day off that was mostly precautionary for what turned out to be slapped cheek syndrome, which sounds and looks worse than it actually is.

Had a couple of days off the other week cos MsWza was on childcare duty but ill. So MiniWza and I went to out football ‘training’ (hilariously lacking in football, or any real ball kicking, as you might expect of a class of 2yr old toddlers). Next day was a messy play sesh. Felt a smidge guilty for being off work to do fun stuff (albeit first day paid and second day not), but that soon subsided. Especially seeing as it’s hardly a ‘day off’, either - more knackering looking after a toddler than pretending to do Very Important Office stuff innit.


We got out to the park as well for a bit threw some classic parenting moves at the play area - on the swings way too long, sit him on top of slide, realise it’s almost completely unslidey, take him off back to the swings


Still not quite toddling yet but must admit embarrasingly knackered after the first day. Just Googled Slapped cheek syndrome, fingers crossed we can avoid that one at least. Foot and mouth wasn’t as bad expected ( just real trouble with his sleep) though think it can vary quite a lot


What’s the what if?


Not bonding with the child?


It’s no holds barred parenting questions and shared experiences here, so discuss away.


First off, they won’t be.

Secondly, your body will be a swirl of hormones and emotional triggers which will mean that you’ll see them as the most beautiful baby in the world

Thirdly, there’s this weird evolutionary thing that in the early months, babies (generally) look more like the father, so that men look at their children, think they look like them, and care for them more.

You’ll be reet!



It’s funny actually. I didn’t get the whole instant connection thing at all. My son was very late and came out quite hairy and seemed really ‘aware’. Lots of newborns don’t seem to focus on anything, but he stared straight at me. Didn’t cry, just looked really fucked off. It freaked me out slightly.

After a few days the bond developed and I was convinced that he was the best looking kid out of all the ones in our NCT group. But if I look back at photos of when he was tiny I realise that wasn’t really the case.


Ehh, I’ve done OK.


I’m still convinced Jimbo was the most beautiful baby in our group. Look at his little face!


You know what - their looks won’t matter for years and years, until puberty hits and they start getting interested in other people. What really matters is raising them so that they have a level of self confidence where it doesn’t matter what they look like. If you’re judging other people on their looks now, then they’ll grow up judging them too, and in turn they’ll judge themselves, probably negatively.


Christ if that’s you being not judgemental I’d hate to see you being judgemental.


We’ve just been loaned some kids audiobooks on cd for Jimbo, and the people reading them are incredible - Ade Edmonson reading Dr Seuss, Alan Bennett reading Wind in the Willows, Judy Dench and Stephen Fry reading Beatrix Potter… I reckon we’ll appreciate them as much as Jimbo will (hopefully)


It’s clearly CG


What did you guys do with your old prams? Anyone know a parent-to-be specific place to donate them to in London? Freecycle round here seems to be full of a-holes who take stuff and resell it. Or obvs if anyone here is in need give me a shout!


In our household, someone might decide that they want to sell it rather than just pass it on, so they’ll advertise it at the price they want, but nobody will bite because there are other cheaper prams out there, but rather than just lower they price they’ll hold out, and it’ll end up sitting around for literally years, blocking access to the other person’s record collection, which was feeling marginalised already with few bits in front of it, but now this is something else…


Charity shops won’t take them, at least the ones I rang wouldn’t. I found a local women’s charity who passed it on to a young mum but it took a bit of posting on local facebook groups to find them.