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@CHAIRMAN_LMAO Are their any local facebook parents groups round your way? My other half is a member of a group called Raising BN2, and while our massive buggy hasn’t gone through there she did get a stroller and vast quantities of second hand clothes and toys.


We don’t see sunsets from our house (because the houses opposite are three stories tall), but me and Jimbo were down by the beach as the sun went down yesterday. There was quite a bit of cloud about, but also an amazing streak of orange across the sky. Jimbo turned to me a said “Look daddy, a fire sky”.

I love the way his little brain works, and watching him trying to make sense of the world.


Haha. I insisted we get it back from a mate I loaned it to so I could sell it, but it has sat in the kitchen for the last month.


Neither of us are on Facebook, which is annoying as there seems to be a ton of groups on there for this sort of thing.

We found a place in Wood Green called Pram Depot that look like they fit the bill…


Does your local NCT group have regular nearly new/second hand sales that you could donate it to?


R’s had a stomach bug which put him off eating pretty much anything. He’s getting better now but the only things he will eat are fruit (primarily bananas) and yoghurts. Can’t even get him to have toast :frowning:


He might still have a sore throat - Jimbo had problems with oversized tonsils which meant whenever he got ill he couldn’t eat a thing. When we went on holiday earlier this year all he could / would eat was ice cream.

edit - get well soon R!


Jimbo went to his first xmas party this year today. Someone asked him this morning if Santa would be there and he replied “he’s just a man”.

One of the NCT dads dressed up as Santa, and all the kids were fooled except Jimbo, and when the dad came back into the room, he said “It was you”.

I fear the magic of Christmas may be over before it’s even started :confused:


Got another one of these fellas lined up after five or so years of trying (third pregnancy). Very last roll of the dice and it has stuck through the 12 week scan and tests. Going to be a 6.5 year gap and I’ve forgotten all that baby rearing shit.

Hopefully I’m not




And I’m sure it’ll all come flooding back to you when dealing with a shitty nappy


Yeah and I’ve got a Switch to play now when they fall asleep on me.


Time to set up that account on mumsnet then…



Great news B-man - keeping everything crossed for you guys :+1:

Also, 6.5 year gap - that just means you’ve got another pair of hands to help out :+1::+1:




He currently doesn’t have the aptitude for helping… but he is excited so you never know.


Big congrats and good luck.
2 is a complete game changer and ruins your life!*
*in a nice way, most of the time


I’m hoping that isn’t the case with a bigger age gap.

At the scan they freaked us out by saying ‘hold on, there is a second sack’. Fortunately it is empty and not an issue. I could not have done twins!


Congratulations! I’m sure it’ll all come flooding back. People say that number two is a piece of piss, because you don’t have all the anxiety about whether you’re getting it all wrong second time around.



Hope all goes well over the new few months and double-kid club is great. Hard work but brilliant fun


Top, top banter from the scan lads there…