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Potty training for us wasn’t too bad, but his bum wiping still leaves a lot to be desired. His pants after a day at nursery :scream:


I mean carrying 6 sets of knickers and 4 tights/trousers was definitely wearing.

Honestly you have to take a bunch of risks. We had a huge set back because we paid her too much attention after a relapse and she basically wet herself multiple times a day for the next 2 years (more or less) she still has accidents every now and again but it’s much less. School helped a lot.

Currently our big thing is sleeping. She can go for a week without an accident but she never wakes up so really it’s just a gsmble against her bladder and dreams that make her wet herself. God, I just want her to wake up and take herself to the loo…


Can recommend the giant Pass the Pigs game, btw.

Not much use if you have a dog because they are basically dog toys but otherwise kids will love chucking them.


Hi everyone :wave:

So, I am aware this might be a personal question, and please tell me if this isn’t cool or appropriate. But I was wondering, what made you want to have kids? (This isn’t meant to be aggressive in any way, I’m just curious.)


We didn’t really plan it, it just happened. So a pretty lax attitude to contraception with a thing of whatever happens happens, a steady, settled relationship and a belief that we could make the situation work.


Always liked kids. Grew up in a house with lots of kids (my parents fostered). Saw the joy my parents got from being parents. Same with my in-laws. My wife wanted kids.


Got bored of being a well rested, autonomous being.


Never wanted them (and in fact actively did NOT want them), had never been in a relationship that made me challenge that viewpoint, had a busy and challenging/ hard career and full on social life and it was just something that didn’t register. I think a combination of things happened- more stable and settled life when I moved back to Scotland, a partner that awakened some feelings in me which made me start to consider it, my sis had a baby that I adored, and I guess what tipped me over the edge in the end was the heady mix of hormones that flood you as you approach your late 30s and your ovaries start speaking to you as if they have a life of their own. We were very lucky that, having made the decision to go for it, it happened straight away. I know it could have been a lot harder and I think lots of people have their children earlier to avoid that risk. I am a massive risk taker though so this was all pretty much Brand PO.

The next question is whether to have more. I don’t know the answer to that one!


Even in the hardest, most tear-stained, bleak, sleep deprived days when I’m feeling like a shit mum and a shit lawyer living in a messy house because I’m having to juggle it all and doing none of it very well, I don’t for even a millisecond regret it.


Yeah it this isn’t it. Best thing that could happen, regardless of the bleak times. Made our relationship stronger and it’s genuinely mind-blowing watching my daughter develop and grow daily.


It is mindblowing watching them develop- speaking has been a riot. Our wee one is quite deaf (only 60% function in both ears) and his speech has been slow and muddy as a result, but has recently come on amazingly despite this, and it’s hilarious listening to the stuff he comes out with. A

It’s the best thing ever (and I say that as someone who is so tired they just accidentally punched themselves in the face two mins ago while doing something very innocuous). My big problem is my inability to go to bed soon after he goes down. If there is a night when I’m not working on the laptop and could go to bed, I tend to be like ‘Ohhh a glass of wine and shit tv until midnight, JUST what my body needs!’

And then cut to the dawn of the next day as I am muttering under my breath that I’m going straight to bed that night the SECOND he goes down. And then repeat.
On that note, I am GOING TO MY BED. :rofl::kissing_heart:


We do the exact same thing. Should be in bed by now as she’ll be up somewhere between 2-4am. My partner will go to bed about midnight and I’ll go up about 1. Then I’ll moan about being tired tomorrow morning.

Makes you realise how much sleep you can actually function on.


I’ve never needed much sleep, but the broken sleep is a game-changer. That does get much better into the second year btw.


Touch wood, sleep’s not really been a problem. Had, maybe, 10 nights of hell over the past 7 months. Most of the time she goes off about 7, wakes between 2-4 for a feed and wakes between 6-7. Twice a week she’ll sleep right through. Sorry if this comes across as a brag, really isn’t meant to be.

But broken sleep is rubbish and as I start work at either 6 or 7, I feel it more than I would with a normal start time.


She’ll not need that night feed for very much longer and, if she’s generally a good sleeper who can self settle, then it sounds like you’ll be on your way! It doesn’t come across as a brag at all! My friend has twin boys who were born the day before our boy. Both raised using exactly the same techniques, diets, ethos etc. One sleeps 12 hours straight every night and one is up every two hours. They are unique! (the little bastards…):rofl:


Babies eh, who’d have em


I’d always liked the idea of being a Dad, then my ex and I lost an unplanned baby to an ectopic pregnancy when she was still at uni and that absolutely cemented things in our minds. We weren’t sure if we’d be able to conceive after the surgery my ex had - thankfully she was able to and we had our daughter five and a half years later.

The kids are the most amazing things in my life, they bring me so much joy and whatever I put in to being a Dad, they give me back in absolute bucketloads.


Parent and child parking spaces.

Absolutely delighted to be renewing that for another decade.


Offered out the name Balonz this morning. Was rejected without thought…


Not to cut this subthread short, cos it’s :blush: , but I think there was a whole lengthy thread (think it was on the new site but might have been the old one) about the reasons for having/not having kids, if you’re wanting more responses than crop up here. :+1:

For us, we’d chatted about it now and then for a bit, were up for it ‘at some point’, thought we’d be half decent at it it, but it wasn’t set to a hard timeline. Then, circumstances started to come together that created as good a starting point as we could expect (emotional, physical, and financial and whatnot), so we went for it. And, as with PO, and with luck, once we’d started trying we didn’t have to wait long at all.

People say it, and it’s cheesy, but it’s true - it really does open up a whole new aspect on what it means to be alive.