Dadsnet - Ofsted edition

Think I might be having a breakdown… I can find the schools I want. Click on them and get to this page and then I can’t find a report anywhere? Please help me.

Also any non obvious tips of what you should be looking for on school tours?

Don’t look at Ofsted reports, man.

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Is not looking at Ofsted reports a thing?

Thought you’d be a home schooled kinda guy.

Dunno but I know from reading a shitload of em that they seem a bit arbitrary and also that unless the report was done literally yesterday it’s not a realistic reflection of the school currently.

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I certainly have the breadth of knowledge to educate anyone in any subject to university standard and beyond. Just thought interaction with other kids could be useful.

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Can you please tell me how I can get the opportunity to either read or not read them?

Also why are you reading them…?

Sending your child anywhere other than the nearest comprehensive is pretty neocon


I have to read them as part of my job alas. I don’t know what to tell you Lonz, are you sure you’ve got the address and school name right (not being patronising).

Assisting in prep for job interviews for my long-term partner innit.

They will all be state funded and the four I am looking at are the nearest four.

Who the fuck learned anything in Primary school anyway. Just pick one that’s close.

(FYI, looks to me like maybe that’s a plugin that’s not loading so can you try the site in a few different browsers to see?)

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I have found four and they all take me to a similar page.

Didn’t work unfortunately.

It’s obvious then, the school doesn’t exist! :ghost:

Unless the school’s in special measures they’re not worth reading much in to.

Wife’s a primary school teacher and has been through a few Ofsted visits. Basically, the schools get a few days heads up and in that time they go absolutely mental to make everything look good. She had to leave her own 30th birthday weekend early to go in to school and prepare. When the inspectors arrive what they see is often not what the school is like day to day.

She reckons the best thing is go for a visit and just get a vibe for the school. Do the kids seem happy, how do the teachers interact with them, what’s up on the walls, all that kinda shit. Obviously if you’ve got friends with kids on the inside, tap them up like a motherfucker.

Good luck!


I have booked visits with all four of the fuckers. Just want to read the reports. They may not be 100% accurate but some info is better than none.

Recently moved to the area so don’t know anyone with kids that have been through them.

What’s that link under there? Academy Conversion Letter or whatever?

Oh yeah. You get a link in that PDF. I thought it was some sort of standard boring thing.

Case closed. One gold star to Theo.

Have you tried the school’s website? for example has the PDF of the latest report there on the front page.