Dadsnet spinoff thread - children's TV

Although we have discussed this previously, I’m not sure that we have had a thread on new DiS yet have we?

My eldest is four which seems to mean that she has recently graduated from CBeebies (nominally for pre-schoolers I believe) to CBBC (ostensibly for primary school kids so I am told) in her tastes, which has resulted in a new raft of shows coming onto my radar.

So far, I am a big fan of Operation Ouch featuring those identical twin doctors who also pop up on grown up BBC periodically. Seems to cover biology up to what I would have thought was almost GCSE level, and not afraid of showing some decent gore and poo and guts and stuff. Also been enjoying the silliness of Horrible Histories, particularly the musical numbers.

Still catching a few of the old classics from time to time and enjoy the surrealness of stuff like Sarah & Duck, Charlie & Lola and Ben & Holly (that’s a lot of X & Y shows for some reason). It often strikes me that the people putting these shows together currently must be about the same age as me these days as loads of the musical and stylistic tropes are stuff that I enjoyed growing up.

Night Garden remains king of the chill out sesh natch.

Anyone got any other hot tips?

End Of Thread.


I’d like to take this opportunity to say I hate Bing. He’s a whiny piece of shit and needs to toughen the fuck up.

Thank you for your time.


I am 110% with you here Eps. Every episode he does something incredibly selfish or destructive and gets away with it scot free. Prick…

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God, the other day we were on Netflix - where she gets her Paw Patrol fix of hell, and also My Little Pony FIM sexist and coded racist hell and Bubble Guppies (which is actually pretty good, you know - teaches a lot) - and she found… Veggie Tales. It looked good animation and I thought sure, that’s fine.

Turns out it’s Bible stories retold. Fucking hell. She keeps wanting them, though :frowning:
Would love to get her back on good TV programmes.

She did watch the Lego Batman special on Netflix the other day at least Batman Be-Leagured

Bing is a wasteman


The Horrible Histories ‘Kings & Queens’ song is a thing of beauty - genuine genius.

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Justin still worries me…

Came into bad mouth Bing. I see it’s already taken care of. The little prick


My three year old loves Peter Rabbit currently, which is pretty awful. I’m pretty sure Beatrix Potter would have loved it! Lots of Go Jetters consumed recently too, been avoiding Paw Patrol as much as we can! Duggee is still king though, and big fan of Studio AKA version of Lost and Found too, though that’s not TV. Now he’s a bit older he really likes things like Swashbuckle, basically stuff with other kids in.

All this dislike for Bing is funny, he’s basically a DiSer in waiting!

Any other Dadsnetters find themselves encouraging their kids to watch programmes based on the comliness of the presenter*?

No? Er, me neither…

*(“Come on kid, you love Do You Know?”)

My child is seven weeks old, and in recent weeks has been watched Green Room, The Crown, and OJ: Made in America.


Peppa Pig is an absolute gobshite. Glad mine moved on from her.

Maddie is pretty nice, but I worry she would be too young for me. For my fix of posh blonde totty I’ll usually encourage the offspring to watch Naomi’s Nightmares Of Nature :+1:

Peppa Pig = selfish brat
Mummy Pig = control freak
Daddy Pig = bumbling idiot

It has a small number of redeeming features (Madame Gazelle and any episode featuring Brian Blessed) but I am always amazed that this is made by the same team behind Ben & Holly, which I genuinely enjoy…

I just Google image searched Bing and now want to set him on fire.

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I never got over the fact that Sarah Jane off Justin’s House was a crack head

any Dads get their kids to watch classic kids TV rather the newer stuff?

Oliver Postgate type stuff, Clangers, Fireman Sam (original), Postman Pat, Super Ted, Banana Man, Magic Roundabout etc.

I haven’t seen Mr Bloom in a while, is he back on the smack?

Theme tune to Peter Rabbit is good, but that is literally it in terms of enjoyment.

In fact, loads of kids’ TV shows have pretty ace theme songs…