DADSNET - What's your level of chat like


when you’re standing around waiting to pick your son(s)/daughter(s) up from school?

Mine: almost non-existent.


way off the school gates yet, but when other parents make chit chat with me as an excuse for looking at my baby, my chat levels are low.


Is the ‘baby’ your van?


ha no but actually the same thing happens with the van if i’m parked up with the back doors open.

the actual baby’s main target audience is mothers who’s youngest child can now walk or talk - ie they’re at maximum broodiness.


Absolute bare minimum of chat. Steer as clear as possible from the pockets of mums sadly complaining about how terrible everything and everyone connected to the school is. The Headshakers we call them. This might be a Yorkshire issue though.


Very, very poor.

Basically stand rocking on my heels and chuckling occasionally as if joining in with nearby conversation/like a mad person.


To Parents I have never met before - nothing. To ones I have seen at parties or gatherings - a nod, or an “alright?” There are a few I know outside school in real life though so I actually talk to them. Then by extension I talk to the people they are talking to, but more in a nodding and looking at them way.


Just started taking ours to nursery and I have literally no clue how to talk to any of these people. We never did any baby groups or any of that either because it just ended up with me or my wife sitting around not talking to any of those people. Modelling some sweet behaviour there.


normally i’m not into chat at all, but I’m well into it when it involves the kids - nursery drop off, health visitor weigh-in, soft play etc. with my working hours it’s a rare treat for me to be involved so like to take the opportunity - i’m the keeno at nursery doing collection who’s asking the staff a million questions


I think talking to the staff is a different ball-game though. Generally may well be more task-focused and therefore easier