Daerht gninrom yadsendeW


Hello to you.

I played football yesterday and my team lost heavily but I scored something like 9 goals so feeling pretty pleased with that. 2 absolute peaches as well I have to say. Plus lots of clinical finishing which isn’t usual.

My legs hurt. Right knee especially. In fact it’s been weird for a while now - can’t sit with my legs crossed or crouch without it kind of stinging when I get Up. Fucking old age.

This is a boring OP.


Morning! I passed my interview yesterday and start today, it’s only a crappy temp job but at least it’s something! Temps do get taken for a ride so I hope that doesn’t happen, my mental health and even psoriasis on my arm got so much better after getting fired from my other job, it was so hideously stressful in so many ways, even being unemployed and looking for work felt better haha. It’s 4 miles away so I think I’m going to start walking it too, I love early morning walking in the summer so so much <33


This was an even more boring reply so no worries smee!


Congratulations on the job. FWIW in my (extensive) experience as a temp it’s the agencies and never the employers who want to take you for a ride. Hope it works out :muscle:


Morning gang! It’s my birthday but I am in Amsterdam to help pitch a big project. Fun… Land back in Blighty this evening at 8. Classic.


Happy birthday!!! :gift: hope the pitch goes well too! It’ll still be bright and sunny at 8 so hopefully that helps :smile:



I need to deal with something I’ve been putting off for a fortnight (standard) as soon as I get into work, and then I’ll feel better.

Nothing to report.


Well done jazz b! Some temp placements are good so fingers crossed!


Morning Smee,

Morning all. Good luck @jazzballet today, hope all goes well!

I have my interview in an hour and a half for my current role. Not so much worried about my own performance, more the standard of the other candidates. Still, nothing I can do about that so will spend the rest of the week in a haze of sunshine and rum.

Other than that, picking up a hire car this evening for the week, e-safety session at my kids’ school and then dash off to go and see a play with my folks before they go on holiday tomorrow.





Working in a depot today so get to sit in a car for 4 hours :fireworks:




You can only concentrate on your performance - make sure you talk about your experience of the role.

Positive thoughts!


Yup, I have a good idea what the questions are around so have plenty of examples in my back pocket to unleash. Feeling more secure this morning than the last few days. Thanks!


I’ve got three hours of student speaking assessments this morning and then a staff forum at four o’clock.

I feel like it’ll be a long day.


Good morning/happy birthday/good luck as applicable, all.

I’ve decided summer is here and I’ve ditched my jumper for work today. Just a shirt and trousers. Obvious downside is I now have to start ironing my shirts.

Back to work for another 6 in a row :frowning:


Happy birthday Aphex :+1::grinning:


yad pmuh


Typed “happy birthday sexy” into google, could have scrolled for ages but I think this’ll do :smiley: HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!!!


Saw Kraftwerk last night. Was incredible. Doubt I will see anything better in my entire life tbh.

Just getting some breakfast in Antwerp’s big Lidl and then we’re gonna cycle to Westmalle.