Daft Punk 2017 Tour?


dunno, probs a hoax.


Tour of the summer


Fucking PLEEEASE let this be real.


Wouldn’t it be stuffed to the gills with pricks tho


10 days old, yet unreported by the music media, published by a random unverified YouTube account and featuring bedroom production values…

Seems legit.


Unquestionably, but it didn’t ruin it last time :smiley:


Why would they use the same artwork as the 07 tour?

They may well tour this year, but can’t see this being official.


Not completely discounting it, but seems strange to have missed out on the festival circuit entirely if they have. Or to have got all the festivals they’re playing to keep schtum despite the huge $$$ they’d have invested to get them to play.


Two Glastonbury headliners yet to be announced!