Daft reasons for not doing things

Anything you’d like to do but haven’t done for some daft reason?

I sometimes think I’d like to get a team together for Only Connect, but I can’t risk Victoria trying to get me to sing on telly. Just a terrifying prospect.




very valid reason I think


I wouldn’t apply to any quiz show cause I don’t want to talk about myself. Reckon I’d be alright at Pointless but I’m not having ‘Xander’ demand I read my autobiography before answering a question


‘Now, TKC. Welcome to Pointless. I hear you spend your time posting ridiculous opinions on community.drownedinsound.com, how did you get into that?’


‘Well I was just bored one day so signed up’
‘That’s fantastic!!!’


My stock answer in that specific situation would be to say that I went to school with someone who was once the much less talented sidekick of the great actor Benjamin Miller.

I actually thought up a music round question for Only Connect the other day, but I can’t be bothered to send it to them.

Is that a daft reason?

I really want to go to one of those Swiss adventure park things where you do tobogganing and ridiculous flying fox things but I won’t even look into it properly out of fear that I’d get there and be like “can’t be arsed actually”

My parents were due to go to Paris the weekend after next for my dad’s birthday. The Eurostar was a freebie.

They’re not going because of the weather forecast.


I might not do them perfectly and it’s not perfect or the best then what’s the point in even trying it.


Would like to order a different type of coffee one time but I don’t know how to pronounce them so I can’t

Espresso - would say Expresso and also wouldn’t like it
Americano - don’t like how this would sound in my voice, don’t want to say this out loud
Cortado - would seem pretentious and just like I want to be different
Flat white - people would wonder why I’m even bothering and not just making a coffee at home

What’s your normal order?


Different coffees for different…needs

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Jook the Traitors are accepting applications for the autumn, you should apply


Can’t believe you can ask for a latte and not a flat white.

Truly daft!

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Why don’t you apply?

Oh they’d see right through me.

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