Daft stuff on TV/film/internet/wherever that makes you a little bit emotional

Seen this a few times on that BBC2 ‘Show reel’ that’s on in the morning; always sets off my sinuses…


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David Brent being made redundant us the most heartbreaking scene ever made, absolutely perfect acting


Jimmy Glass

I’ll be honest that I have almost zero control when it comes to TV/film pulling at the old heart strings. It can be some uber-schmaltz on My Little Pony that my daughter’s watching while I’m cleaning the living room and I’ll get a bit watery of eye.

We watched Elf with her for the first time the other night and I had to keep pretending to be yawning to cover up. (To be clear, it was my daughter’s first time watching Elf, I had seen it a number of times before so none of the ‘emotional’ scenes were remotely unexpected.)

So to answer your question: ALMOST EVERYTHING.


You can get around having any real emotion in any scene where Tom Hanks is upset by imagining it’s Woody from Toy Story having a tantrum over something minor, btw.

Not sure if it counts as daft, more unexpected, but I’m rewatching Glow (so GF and I can watch the second series together), and there’s a bit in the final episode of the first series that makes my eyes stream.

Debbie: You ok?
Ruth: You FLEW!


Not sure you want kids books in here, but I’ve had to stop reading Paper Dolls to mine on a few occasions because I’m a wibbling mess

There are some great kids books that can set ‘people’ off. Kids films too; watched A Monster Calls last year and that definitely qualifies…

Woah, I really didn’t think A Monster Calls was considered a kids film. It’s brutal!

(great book, great film, big fan)


Truly depends how tired I am. If I’m tired almost anything will set me off.

Hard as bastard nails when I’m fully functional, obviously



Is that crazy trailer guy? Got choked up once when he says to his the kids he loves them before flying off in the earlier scene.

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And not so crazy after all. Don’t remember anyone apologising about that.

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Hi guys, I’ve wept at something on the telly four individual times in the last two days.

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Thanks for sharing. What are the four things that have made you do this?

One was a recording of a 999 call where a four year old girl was ringing an ambulance as her Mum was having a seizure and she said “it’s just me, my mummy a doggy and a kitten” when the operator asked if there was anyone else there.

Two separate times on that Netflix show about dogs where poorly kids were meeting their new service dogs for the first time and then there was a bit on that BBC show which followed all the killings of one gun in Birmingham.


Those are all genuinely very moving things

Aye, they are actually innit. This thread is for daft things. Please accept my apologies

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