Daftest thing on a colleague's desk


One of the finance goblins has got one of those USB powered mug warmers/coasters. Ridiculous.

@zxcvbnm, this is your time to shine.


This sounds like a good idea!


Turns out @sadpunk is hotdesking in my office today


Just drink your tea faster, ffs.


So when DiS talk about sadpunking the toilet, it means blocking it?


When you say DiS… it’s really only me who’s keeping that one going. And yes.


Haha, okay. Well, it must have been pretty catastrophic if you’re keeping it alive.

The way I worded that makes it sound like a creature emerged from the toilet and you’ve been keeping it hidden away in your attic.


sadpunk once stayed at my flat, went to the loo, came out and said “Niki I’m having trouble flushing your toilet”




Y’know, I feel for him. I always manage to break toilets :roll_eyes: or get locked in them. It’s never anything brutal that I’ve done either (HONESTLY) it’s just it’s been a mostly broken toilet anyway and it decides to properly break just when I use it. WHY. WHYYYY.

My Dad had to karate back kick the bathroom door in when I was little. It was mega cool.


OKAY NOW I FEEL REALLY BAD sorry sadpunk, I’ll not mention this again x


Haha!! Sorrrrrry. I have an over active imagination!


I have heard that a man upstairs has a plastic vagina that you wind up and it walks along.

I have yet to see it with my own eyes.


Ok but what’s he got on his desk?


one of my colleagues has a varnished rhino turd on her desk. does that count?




We all know I’m definitely going to win this thread.


The guy behind me has a sign that says "HEAVIER PEOPLE ARE HARDER TO KIDNAP. STAY SAFE. EAT CAKE!"
He used to have a large picture of a bacon and egg sandwich pinned to his noticeboard. I don’t know where that’s gone.


Someone downstairs has a piece of A4 paper sellotaped to her desk. There’s a message that reads something like: my chair has been medially tested for my posture. Please don’t sit in it.’

weird and psycopathic


you work with ron swanson?


One on the desk. One on the chair.
It has also been dated.

I’m so tempted to readjust it.