Daily caffeinated beverage cutoff point (DCBCP)

  • I have a certain point in the day at which I will stop drinking coffee/caffeinated beverages
  • I drink what I want, when I want!
  • Depends, for the following reasons…
  • Not on caffeinebook
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Used to be an anytime-coffee-er but reckon i’m gonna start imposing a cut off point. Do you do this? Just for coffee or tea too?


Four mugs of tea (and if I’m feeling particularly tired, a glass/can of Diet Coke).

Also I don’t really like drinking caffeinated drinks in the evening


Try not to eat or drink anything after 9pm. Only really drink coffee in the morning. Have stopped drinking tea altogether now.

8pm cut-off for finishing coffee.

1600hrs tea is my final caffeinated beverage of the day all other things being equal


I am SOOOOO constipated after a combo of medication last week and not drinking my usual 14 gallons of red each night, which keep my coat glossy and my insides slick.
therefore I am mainlining the coffee today in an effort to loosen things up. I am also drinking tonight (actually @Epimer I think your relative is out in our crew tonight) so I need major caffeine and just try and stop me!!!

  1. Don’t always stick to it, and always regret it when I don’t.

3pm for coffee, and if I have any after that I’m convinced I sleep terribly because of that.

It’s nice to hear there’s still a place in your life for tea since converting to a coffee wanker Tone, pleasing.

Theoretically 3pm for caffeine. But i break the rule all the time.

I normally wouldn’t drink coffee after about 3 or tea after 4.

1600hrs Tea Club is an institution that I would never dream of undermining


You have such a way with words, PO.

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My blood relative or the one she married? Either way, remind them my birthday’s coming up, please.

people who live without caffeine, you are like superheroes! God you must be so alert all the time and getting shit done. Amazing

Tea is fine but drinking coffee any time after 7 is the behaviour of a degenerate or a study-crammer

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Not currently on caffeine book, my only intake is through coke and I haven’t touched that for four months after a serious additction whilst I was travelling. If I had a can now I’d probably get the shakes.

Only have two coffees a day while at work.

Tea I will drink until before I go to bed.

The one she merrit!! We’ve just sacked our auditors and moved the contract to his place so I am wanting buttered up nicely. :rofl::sunglasses:

if i’m okay with going to sleep late, my last caffeinated drink will be around 6, and it’d only be a tea.

coffee ends before lunchtime under all circumstances.