Daily 'likes' limit


What is it?

DiS keeps telling me at random intervals to wait 5 mins/3 hours/14 hours+ to be able to like something again.

As a prolific liker with a solid 500:1 likes:post ratio, this is cramping my style.

Can we get rid of it please?


aw :heart:


I’ve upped it to 100. Those of you who are level 2 (which is a lot of you I think) will have 150.


you da best @1101010

have a like for that


Hate it too. Stop coming on once I hit it because it is so frustrating


Well you are level 2 so you now should have 150 instead of 75.


Still seems weird to have a limit at all though, no?


There doesn’t seem to be a way to unlimited it, tbh, so I’m not sure if there’s some hidden knockon effect I’m unaware of.






[details=do you agree that there should be]
no no
no no no no
no no no no
no no
there’s no limit[/details]


yeah there have been times I’ve posted when a like would have sufficed to be fair.


My only worry is I don’t really know what the limits are on this site in terms of bandwidth and such. Twitter and FB have essentially unlimited resources and while they also have HUGE HUGE numbers more users than DiS has there are some valid points made in there about rate limits by the people who coded the forum so we’ll see how we go for now. Come in here when you’re running out again and we’ll see if it needs a much bigger boost.


will do pal, cheers.


nice one, @ma0sm


if you only had one like per day it would really mean something

think about that


I can enact that.


chill out, john lennon