daily thread 22/06/22

post here pls.


Make me

Great start

this post is far too positive

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Sat outside school waiting to go and watch assembly. She’s told me her line 67 times already this morning.

The magpie did not wake me up today. Managed to keep his stupid beak shut until 7ish :partying_face:

Bunking off work to go to a meeting about chinatown later but the meeting has been moved to one of my buildings. Does this mean I’ll be busted or will it look like I’m there in a work capacity? :woman_shrugging:t2:


smells like there could be big trouble in a meeting about little chinatown

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Been working on assignment since 7:45ish :yawning_face: almost at the half way point though!

Now logging on for another day greasing the wheels of commerce :+1:


Severely cba today. Shittest nights sleep in a long while. Managed 20mins before my daughter absolutely lost it at a moth in her room. My wife ended up sleeping in her room due to her refusing to. I got to share a bed with my daughter. Reckon it was 3.30 before I fell asleep.

First day with my new boss as well. Today can do one.

Still, this is nice

Absolute shocker of a night, because cats are dickheads.

Pascal hadn’t come in by the time we went to bed, so we left the catflap set to allow the cats to come in, but not go out. Around 2.30am we’re woken up by scuffling around the catflap. It’s not Holly, because she’s in the room with us, so was it Pascal coming in? I go down to investigate, and Pascal’s at the bottom of the stairs, but as I glance into the kitchen I see the tail of another cat darting behind the washing machine. GREAT :grimacing: So, I adjust the catflap so they can get out, and close the kitchen door so that our cats stay in too. Thankfully when I got up this morning the catflap is slightly ajar and I can see that the cat has left. Hopefully they won’t return, especially not in the middle of the night when we’re all trying to sleep. Dickheads.


Stayed up really late last night finishing my book, which was good for satisfactory reasons and bad for being knackered this morning reasons.

Was planning to go to the picket this morning, still in bed though…

Hoping that I’m not completely drained of energy by 6pm again today, as I have been for about a week and a half now.

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Oh yeah, and 25 minutes of delays on the M23 this morning. I’d missed that.

Off work today to look after a chicken poxed child. Lot of muppet babies so far.

Beginning to suspect i have long covid as i have felt varying degrees of terrible since i had it and it has been like this for a couple of months.

I met my tv 21 years ago today

Where does the fucking time go?


It my birthday!


Happy cakes!



Dog walked
About to go for a bike
That. Is. All.

HB @sarahispi :partying_face: :birthday: