Daily thread for the second Christmas Bank Holiday

Morning all. How are you? Remarkably I slept in til 7.43am - almost feel hungover from oversleeping.

We bought the eldest an Echo Dot as part of her Christmas present. Woke up this morning so discover I’d missed a reminder at 6am saying “Happy Birthday [redacted]”, which she’d set as a daily reminder.

Hope you have some nice plans for today :slight_smile:


Hi CCB, hi DiS and happy Monday! A very happy birthday to Nigel Kennedy from the violins, to Noomi Rapace from the aliens, and to Frank Turner from the festivals. Every single fucking festival. Happy anniversary of the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons, and I hope everyone is going to celebrate a wonderful South Sudanese Republic Day. I’m off to watch some shitty prequels and write a jingly-jangly sell-out song about it. Enjoy watching Prometheus at Reading!


It’s a working day here and I’m on my way to the bookshop with no breakfast, having overslept :crazy_face:

Lovely rainy December weather, all the snow we had that one day rained away the same evening.


Still injured so I can’t work out.
Have no plans for the day and am at the point that I wish I hadn’t taken the time of work to get out of the house.




Work innit. Feeling really low about a lot of things atm

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Wow, that’s super-shit :confused: do you get another bank holiday in lieu?

No, it’s similar in Australia, if a particular public holiday is bound to a date, and that date occurs on a weekend, then you miss out that year.

The funny thing is, it’s not something that you can rationally get angry with in any way, but when you’re so used to it being a different way, it feels like someone stole something from you.

Yeah I get that. Imagine having new year’s day on a Sunday and being back in work on a Monday with no consolation!

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Especially with all the blood rushing to your head cos you’re upside down. Nightmare! :koala:


Morning. No plans at all today…might go for a walk as the weather isn’t as horrible as forecast. Maybe a trip to Avebury??

watching a programme about weasels

they are currently testing honey badgers problem solving abilities

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Indulged in some stereotypical Christmas Sunday dadding last night - I dozed off on the sofa. I was left to my own devices, so woke up and went to bed at 4am. I’m a bit spaced out this morning.

Going to make focaccia. Going to eat focaccia. Going to try not to fall asleep on the sofa again.

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Snow outside!



No plans compounded with no work multiplied by existential nothingness. Literally nothing to see here, or anywhere.


Honey badgers can turn around in their skin and bite you out of their anus.


Morning all!

I’ve been tasked with opening a ballet school by The Child so I’ve taken her registration fees and put her ballet jewel in the office. The class was taught via a combination of YouTube and live instruction but I think she got her money’s worth. I absolutely can’t understand why @xylo pretends it’s difficult.

Our kettle stopped working last night so we’re picking up a new one today.

I’m supposed to be Zooming with my ATDs later.


Still ill and my mind isn’t working properly. Would like a day where time passes normally and I get some sense of fulfillment instead of sitting on the settee eating chocolate feeling ill then noticing it’s the evening again and literally nothing has happened.

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Shouldn’t be in there in the first place