Daily thread of Thursday 31st January 2019

I’m on the Circle Line
I’m on the Circle Line
Having an adequate time
Standing in my carriage
On the Circle Line


That sounds awful and scary, and cold.

Really want to go to ikea now. Think my birthday £5 voucher is still valid too…

I am intrigued to find how your project goes having looked up what it is!

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On the train up to Glasgow, whizzing through fields of white frost. Hope all the wee animals are ok (and the big animals). I’m in my herringbone tweed jacket so feeling all toasty. I might get a breakfast roll when i get to the city. My day is all topsyturvy as i was supposed to be completing a deal but we hit a snag yesterday so who knows what the day will bring.

Cheers guys. I’m fine, as were the folks in the other car thankfully. The main damage will be to my finances really, but it was entirely my fault so I’ve just gotta take that on the chin.

Still have a really bad headache. Think I might be ill as 4 year old has a bug. So off to work to give it to my colleagues

Gotta give evidence at a tribunal :grimacing:

lol nm

Was going to take Jnr swimming but there’s no morning sessions and I’m not taking her when she’s tired/hungry.

It looks too slippy to go out anyway but its going to be a long day.

Wanted to start some trampoline fitness class thing in Monday but totally mistimed it and there’s no way I’ll have time to gey home from work, do nursery pickup, and head back to town in time. And i dont know the babysitter so i wouldn’t trust her to do the pickup even if i could afford to pay her the extra hour. FFS. Why are all fitness classes at stupid times.

That was quite good though!

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(your post, not the thread, obviously)

Big day in work, the drinking water tap that’s been broken for a month or so is expected to get looked at today.

Ello. Got up early as Misty was sick - apparently we’re not feeding her enough(!) poor baby. We gave her a slap up breakfast, had a play and now she’s snoozing next to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Need to run a lot of errands but I might have a nap first :sleeping:


Buy mobile-friendly gloves if you want to change your life for little cost


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Someone is eating some kind of greasy brown sauce smelling food and i am ready to fight them for it, except without actually fighting and at no point taking their food, nor interacting with them in any way. It’s a type of jealous envy that shan’t be acted upon, until perhaps, a later or future date, when i might purchase some kind of greasy brown sauce smelling food for my personal consumption. I’m right looking forward to then.


On the bus again, it’s taking a bit longer today as its full of school kids. Other days it was quiet.

Some were loudly talking about ‘old’ footballers and most didn’t seem to know who Roberto Carlos was. What.

I’m doing some counter terrorism course and it’s full of weird spinning graphics and hacker font.


I’m supposed to be getting a coach (:face_vomiting:) to Manchester tomorrow, really cba

Manchester - anything good on at the moment?