Daily thread that I'm making because there isn't one already 2/1/17

I’m going to listen to 69 love songs for the third time this week I think, please send help.

Doing shockingly little revision despite these being probably the most important exams yet lol

What’s up?

At work.


Just bought a ps4. Cant afford any games. Will probs be bored within 2 weeks

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saw that there was 9 straight hours of homes under the hammer on today. almost watched it but then my friend sent me some music to work on.


Fucking knackered.

Need coffee. Rogue One finally at 5pm.


Pizza for tea I thino :wink:

Won’t be thino for long :wink:

Must be tonnes of cheap Steam stuff to keep you going until you can afford a big hitter?

You know how to live!

Not in the office today but monitoring the new system we’ve put in today remotely

Starting a bit of uni work, and wondering when it is I’m actually s’posed to be back. Also, I read some fiction I’d started writing about a year ago and was slightly surprised to find I really liked it. Might repurpose it into a shambling short story or something.

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Did a big sleep. Did some exercise. Did fuck all else all day.

Off to the pub for penoid card games in a bit.

My mouth feels a bit swollen but tbh I quite like how it looks. Went to the cafe for a good bowl of pasta and Nigella Lawson was sat on the table next to me. Couldn’t stop wondering if having a tv chef in your cafe would freak out the fuck out of the chef. I was thinking… yes.

Just saw some alpacas


Spent the last 3 weeks hibernating and regressing from adulthood in my parents house, now back home and trying to work out how to be an grown up again.

First job is putting down some :mouse: traps in the kitchen :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Feel broken still after NYE. Going to do nothing today and return to the real world tomorrow. Going to text a lady to ask her on a date later maybe.


Genuinely took me about 30 minutes to open my eyes today, felt glued together

Did I just spot you on the…train/Central?

Quitting work tomorrow. It’s really stressing me out, not sure why. Cant wait til it’s done.

It’s been rough. Then again I did have a great night and walked home at dawn yesterday while listening to MBV while off my face so it was all worth it. Good way to greet the New Year.

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