Daily thread that I'm making because there isn't one already 2/1/17

Last night in Budapest, gonna drink lots! :+1::tumbler_glass::grinning:

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Just opened the shop, literally only thing open here, will be dead

Yeah Ill havr an explore. I havent really used onljne for consoles so iys all new to me. Got 3 games with it so theyl tide me over

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Took my relatives to Heathrow this morning and since then I’ve mainly been reading Alexei Sayle’s book. Really quiet day.

Slept in til half 10 today, feel okay.

Work cover for a bit, then just dossing about, more Borderlands 2, started watching World’s Strongest Men on My5 and can’t stop. Help. Yer man from Game of Thrones was on it as well.

classic trainboy

This is one of the worst drinks around, and it comes from Hungary. Think you should try some before you go:

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Not me Sir

Went for a lovely walk this morning through a woods that we’d not been to before. Was gorgeous out:

And then took the eldest to see King’s Lynn Town play. They came from behind to win 2-1 with the last kick of the match :slight_smile:

Overall, a 10/10 last day of the holidays.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen the World’s Strongest Man, do they do skull crushing contests now?

Sounds lovely CCB! Who were the mighty Kings Lynn Town playing?

They were playing St Ives Town. Bit of a local derby! And a bit of an edge to it to, including a minor touchline brawl.

Although I was at the station earlier today to check if the timetables were different for this Year* but that was first thing

*they aren’t really much different, bliss.

Quite a few gigs this week then back to Sheffield.

Was walking home as the sunset and spotted Venus just hanging out by the moon. Grabbed binoculars when I got in, and you can also pick out Mars and Neptune just the other side of it. Fired up some dorky app and found Uranus too (not a euphemism).

Feels rather cool, concentrate a bit and you can see four entire other planets with the naked eye tonight.

:crescent_moon: :earth_africa:

I was only aware of the St Ives in Cornwall?

Whenever I see my local team, there’s always a late minute winner against us and its quite disheartening.

And now to ruin all that joy by looking up the football results!

There’s another one in Cambridgeshire. I used to live there for a while!

Woah jealous. Did you get a chance to see the supermoon? I saw it the day after it had been it’s fullest and it was incredible. We had finished a long day in the garden/studio and were driving back then just turned a corner and it revealed itself. A big orange egg. So beautiful. And then we saw a badger which wasn’t roadkill. Probably one of the best drives ever.

Not the most recent one, the big red bloodmoon thing (think I was working and forgot), but 3/4 years back I saw that one. Was standing on top of St Giles’ Hill in Winchester and the thing looked twice the normal size. Genuinely a little bit unnerving. :full_moon: