Dalham - Waves

Hi all,

A bit of shameless self promotion here, but I had an album out a couple of weeks ago on limited vinyl (Buy Dalham Vinyl Records, CDs & Tapes | Norman Records | 1/1).

Might be of interest to fans of Boards of Canada, Plaid, Concretism, Ghostbox etc.

You can also stream it on Spotify, and download via iTunes or Bandcamp.

If anybody wants a free download just send me a message.

Listening on Spotify now, this is good.

Cheers Richie!

Hi, bit of a long shot - I had a vinyl copy of ‘Waves’, and much loved it was too, only trouble was that someone else must have loved it too, as it got nicked recently

Desperate to replace it [vinyl copy that is, don’t do downloads and loathe cds] - so you wouldn’t happen to have an available copy hidden under a mattress somewhere would you?

Only other alternative is to pay a kings ransom price on Discogs

Kind regards,


Thanks Jean-Marc, really glad you liked the record. Unfortunately it has sold out and I don’t have any more copies. Maybe someone will put one up for a sensible price on discogs one day!

Ah well it was worth a punt…any idea when your next album should be out?


Janus came out earlier this year, I’m not sure if you are aware of that one?

Album no. 3, Heat Death, is with the pressing plant as we speak so it will be out in the near future on Castles In Space. I don’t have a date yet though, just depends how busy the plant is but the aim is to put it out ASAP!

That’s excellent news - and yes I do have ‘Janus’, fortunately that one wasn’t in the box of records that got nicked

Everything else that was in there is replaceable, it was just the ‘Waves’ that was a problem

Thanks for the info, will the new release only come out via Normans or will other outlets have it also?


Oh wow, thanks for buying Janus as well!

The new one is on an ever so slightly bigger label so should be available in more places but I hope Norman will be stocking it too.

Ha! The serendipity of life

Got a phone call from a local-ish record shop that buys and sells records

Dude came in with a with a load of records to sell and the owner sussed they were nicked as he eyeballed the ‘Dalham’ LP [I’d contacted all the second hand shops earlier with a list] and thought ‘well there can’t be 2 copies of that one flying about’

Told the dude he believed them to be stolen and was calling the police. Dude ran off.

Will pick up records when I’m over that way

So really chuffed at that and the news you’ve got a new one out soon


Ha that’s great news, really glad you’ll be getting your records back! That was a good idea to inform local shops.

Thanks a million for buying records and supporting independent artists/labels. Hope you like the next one when it’s out as well!

Been buying records since I was 14 - 45rpm singles cost 50p each in those days, which was about what my pocket money was

never really stopped, it just became a kind of audio diary to my life - I never chuck anything out, I must have liked them when I bought them,so having someone nick items is tiresome and annoying

I’ve left the collection in my will to my son - fortunately he likes the kind of stuff you do too


You must have better taste than me. I’ve been buying records for 15 years and have bought some absolute stinkers! I’ve done a fair few culls of the collection down the years.

Culling the rubbish smacks of cleaning up your image!

But I think it was Ricky Gervais who said ‘If at first you don’t succeed, then destroy all evidence that you ever even tried’

Must admit though that my Gary Glitter singles don’t get played that often…


Felicitations of the new annum and all that…

…any news on when ‘Heat Death’ will be out - haven’t heard or seen anything about it as yet

Kind regards,


Seasons greetings!

No news unfortunately, the boss says early this year but that’s still very vague. It’s catalogue number 28 for the label, and cat. no. 26 came out a month or so ago. So errr… it’s still on the horizon. The label had a few issues with a pressing plant which caused some delays I think.

Thanks for the sustained interest, any further news and I’ll report back!

Every new year I play ‘FA Cup knockout’ with all the records I’ve bought in the previous year - one record against another [random draw] - winner goes into the next round - Dalham still in there, but a way to go yet

Looking forward to see where you’ve taken your ‘sound’; there’s definitely strong similarities, but also stylish differences between the first two LP’s

Jean- Marc

Honoured to be in the knockout, you’ll have to let me know who I lose too!

Well I kept my eyes peeled, but saw no sign of new Dalham LP

Did I blink and miss it?


I almost wish I could say “yes you missed it” but nope, still no news. I’m halfway way through finishing the follow up record already! Rest assured I’ll post here when it’s out.

Who did I lose to in the FA cup knockout?