heading to the city they call “the big D” this time next month

lots of my time will be taken up by Wrestlemania and associated grappling sideshows BUT we’ve a couple of free days to fuck around with

already thinking of doing Six Flags in Arlington and also hiring a Mustang for a day and doing a photoshoot wearing Stetsons or smth

by all accounts the place is a kip but we’ll have the craic anyway. Anyone been? Got BBQ recommendations? Any nice countryside nearby at all? Secret gems?

This is now the Wrestlemania thread

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I have been to Dallas and would unfortunately agree that there’s not a tonne to do there, but in fairness I was only there for a couple of days so maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye! One thing I would say is that food in Texas is AMAZING, so do yourself a favour and eat big.

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Spent a couple of days in Dallas, enjoyed the big modern art museum.

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