Dam in Derbyshire on the verge of flooding

I work a few miles downstream of this, and a bunch of people at my work live in Whaley Bridge. The entire village is currently cordoned off at the moment, and it’s a little bit terrifying.

Blimey. Didn’t know the rain had been that bad. Go near that area on the way to Utd games.

Yeah I’m worried about an ex-disser up that way, and his sheep!

I’m kinda hoping it’s okay, but part of the dam has fallen away.

had a bit of trouble with flooding myself last week. nothing like what’s going on in derby but it was a new and unnatural occurance which i now suspect will become a norm.

just a reminder that it’s currently fucking august.

the world is rapidly being fucked by it’s inhabitants who are too busy fucking around with borders and economic unions to even pretend to care. we are well and truly screwed and it will only get worse.

good luck to the people in derby though, i hope they see this though

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Which ex-DiSer keeps sheep?!

was around derby sunday/monday, the rain was incredibly heavy. hope those people are okay. stay safe dude.




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can’t imagine how terrifying it must be living beneath that dam currently. Scary shit.

EA report on UK historical dam incidents here. Sounds like Toddbrook has had issues before:


I suspect they already know ‘where’ the worst impacts would be felt and will have set criteria for evacuation based on likelihood and consequences of failure (certainly local to the dam in Whaley Bridge). The issue is perhaps for riverside properties further downstream (which would certainly be affected if there was a breach). Hopefully they will look to draw it down a bit (though if it’s still pelting it down, that could be difficult). Fingers crossed…

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Martin. Cant remember his username.

UnrealCity_Mart? I think I hung out with him at Green Man once - is he a farmer?

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Yes that’s it. No, he’s not a farmer but has sheep anyway, at least this is what I gather from his Instagram and me always asking “Martin, can I come and meet your sheep?”.

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looks well scary and highly likely to burst


Won’t collapse imo


Inclined to agree. It was raining pretty torrentially earlier, but they’ve got sandbags up there so it’ll be fine.

Highly commended (with no @ to j*ke because he doesn’t deserve it)

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obviously hope everything works out okay for these folk but I couldn’t help noticing this