Damn DIS is vapid these days!

Where are all the old skool DIS muso dickheads? (meant well of course)

What sort of discourse do you want though? It was always really solely you wanting to arbitrarily attribute endless countdowns of albums in the first place.


Maybe. It just used to be livelier?

I still miss nested replies, it’s much more difficult to follow an argument about ranking, or whatever. I think the subject matter of the threads to an extent reflects the limits of the new boards.

I miss nested replies, too

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These days?

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Damn yo


Start a thread to begin a discussion then

the fact that you used the word argument here shows why plenty of people prefer the new boards - they’re friendlier

i do think that nested replies making it easy to follow threads may have been a part of why i got so addicted to DiS in the first place tho

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New DiS music boards > old DiS music boards > TKOL


Things are picking up, Space have a new album out.


Great news! It’s been too long since “Magic Fly”.

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I suppose I meant ‘line of argument’ rather than beeves, but then I enjoyed the beeves too.

the new boards are so much better! you can still see the replies grouped together.

I think the DiS demographic has gotten older/busier. A lot of the convos have moved off forums and onto twitter, for better or worse (worse). we could all start more threads, too.

This could all be solved if more users started more (non list) threads.


I’ve been having an interesting discussion/exchange of opinions about metal today so I feel I am doing my part!


Idk, are discussions about music all that good, or just a series of hot-takes we’re all willing to defend to the hilt?

These days I use the music boards for finding out about new albums, looking at the album of the month/year threads, making playlists and getting recommendations. That’s fine with me.

Wut ?

what thread was this? sounds interesting

dunno I just said that metal if for edgelords. Don’t think it’s worth your time sorry

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