Damp and mould mega fun thread

Since it got properly cold out we’ve started to notice a mould problem in our flat. Under one of the windows in our kitchen / living room, and a corner in the bedroom have had patches of black mould (it wipes off but that’s obviously not a permanent fix), and every morning the windows are covered in condensation. We’ve bought a couple of passive dehumidifiers which are filling up but don’t seem to make a dent.

I’m not sure what the best things to do are - our boiler is old and we can only really turn it on and off, no timer, so it’s on in the evenings and everything is fine and warm, then we turn it off before bed and wake up and the flat is generally quite cold and full of condensation. I try and keep windows open where I can, but, you know, it’s cold out there. Anyone else suffering? Have any bright ideas?

Hello Hygsy!

Our housing association has removed our cladding and insulation and this weekend we had no gas for central heating!

Damp and mould time!

I used to have this in my bathroom ceiling, cleaned it and painted it with mouldproof paint, then bought a dehumidifier and put it on a timer for a couple of hours every morning after I have a shower. Seems to have solved the issue.

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Jeez, thought my boiler was featureless but we at least have a rudimentary timer.

Can you get one of those smart thermostat things for relatively cheap
?? (genuine q, i dont know, maybe check with marckee)

I’m also interested in ways to stop black spots in a bathroom. It looks awful :frowning:

It’s got one of those timers which has a dial where you push in all the little spokes? Genuinely indecipherable and I’m not it would work anyway, we had it checked when we moved in and the guy was like “well it works and it’s safe but if it fucks up it will be better to replace it”. Hive reckons it can be fitted to most boilers but needs an engineer’s inspection to check.

We need to get some trickle vents put in. I could probably do downstairs but the main issue is upstairs and I refuse to ladder it up.

Hi Hippy

we have this problem too (buts its a very old house with little ventilation)

make sure you dont leave the bathroom door open after bath/shower

dehumidifyer should help but you may need a proper plug in one

i think trickle vents in the windows could be a cure but we are yet to have that done.

Can you set a temp for heating? If so could you just leave it on 18 or something overnight so it comes on when it gets cold…or can you not even do that?

One of these jobbies. Will have to take a look and see. If it could come in the night for a couple of hours it might keep the temp up and stop the condensation?

Have you used anti mould paint? I painted the bathroom walls when we moved in and they were fine but the ceiling moulded up. I have recently anti-mould that fucker too and no issues since.

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We’ve got one of those ones. It’s not too bad once you get the hang of the baffling UI. I can do an explanation for you if you want?

Yeah we have the weird spoke timer!

It is dechiperable but giota be honest, it is not my area of expertise (maybe check with marckee?)

We used to have the spoke. Absolute piece of piss, much easier than an electric thermostat.

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I’ve read that article I linked to twice and I’m still confused

Ours is set from about 4-7am and then we turn on manually in the evenings when we feel like it.

Hmm I watched a video and think I get it, the clock was confusing me.

No it’s still confusing me.

The dial essential

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Close kitchen and bathroom door when showering or cooking, keep them closed afterwards too but well ventilated.

Dont dry clothes indoors.

Have spaces between things for free flowing air to pass through.

Clean mould patches that you do spot.

All the obvious stuff sorry also, buy a thermometer with a humidity read out so you can see what measures you need to to take to hit a decent level. For instance theres days when its damp out too and having all the windows open all day wont make any difference internally, but some days it does.


“It’s key feature is simplicity” FUCK YOU BUDDY