How are we all dealing with damp? Got a pretty damp room atm with some mold enroaching under the window :face_exhaling: and I don’t wanna buy a pricey dehumidifier. No advice is too obvious!

Buy a less pricey dehumidifier


Reckon a sub-40 quid one would be worth it?

No cladding and no insulation for nearly three years now so this is a regular and awful issue for me.

Bleaching the walls every three weeks or so and then drying with a hairdryer is the current approach. Pretty sure that’s probably doing me more harm than inhaling whatever the mould produces though.


Had a massive problem with this until recently. Bought a dehumidifier on Amazon monthly payments and it’s changed our lives.

How does one apply bleach to a wall, like rubbing it on with a cloth?

Would strongly advise using distilled vinegar instead of bleach when dealing with mould on plastered walls.


I get spray bleach (anti-mould stuff specifically but I’m sure it’s just bleach in a different bottle)

Does it not make the place stink of vinegar though? I have to sleep with my head very close to the most affected spot in my place

Why? You’re just applying a bandaid on a massive problem

I know it’s hard to give a smidgeon of a shit about a property you’re renting but a dehumfier is almost essential to live healthily in this climate

Part-owners. Hard to give a smidgeon of a shit about a property that is literally valued at £0 though…

The HA are claiming they will sort out all the mould affected flats once the cladding remediation is done

Had this problem in our old apartment. Spent big wedge on a dehumidifier and it helped massively.

Went from cleaning mould off monthly (like The_Respected_User) to every few months. Best purchase we made while living there.

Out of there now so the dehumidifier lives in my in-laws place and is still doing a job for them.

Buy a dehumidifier boss, you won’t regret it.

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Do you dry your clothes indoors? Where’s all that water going my friend

I will however regret the (stupid) argument about “why should we have to buy one? The HA are at fault, they should be providing them” which is what has happened any time I’ve brought it up so far…

I’ve only had to do it a few times but it was bearable with the window left open for a few hours after and a scented candle burning to mask it. Should have to do it less regularly than bleaching as it tends to kill the root and not just the surface stuff.

For any stubborn black mould I can’t recommend this stuff enough. Magical.



I have been that solider (except the property was part owned by my partner’s father who should have been providing it and never did.) Persevere, it is ultimately worth it.

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Yeah, I know. We try and dry them on the balcony when possible but the winters make it a nightmare

I have an issue with this as my eyes and nose are very sensitive and can’t tolerate low humidity, so a dehumidifier is no good.

There are a couple of patches surrounding the bathroom (I think the tiles aren’t sufficiently waterproof and the lack of a window doesn’t help) and we found a patch behind the sofa a couple of weeks ago. I’ve gone with steam cleaning.

Have a few patches of damp that we deal with cillit bang black mould spray and keeping the windows on vent through the day if possible. Main method is a dehumidifier though. Would marry it if possible