Windows open every day to get some air circulating.

Move furniture away from the damp walls, as far as you can.

As @dktrfaustus white vinegar is what you want as this kills the mould (bleach does not). You can also buy special mould sprays but they smell disgusting.

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I’ve also used that spray and it does an incredible job of getting rid of visible black mould.

Of course if conditions persist it will tend to come back, so you need to try address the source of the issue too, which is hard because ultimately the issue is humidity and ventilation and these things aren’t easily sorted.

The stupid thing in my case is as well that the spot where it grows the most is next to a literal hole in the wall with a plastic vent over it. The ventilation in that area shouldn’t be an issue at all.

It’ll be the coldest point of the inside face of the wall though.

a bit of black mould on the roof, above the bed, i’ve wiped most of it off but there’s still a few specks. i think the rest of the room is ok. hope i haven’t missed any hiding behind something in a corner.

i was in Poundland a few months ago and saw those little disposable dehumidifiers and bought one to see if it would work, but after a week or two, absolutely nothing in it. i only looked it at again yesterday for the first time since and there’s a decent amount of water in there, so it seems to do something after all


disposable plastic things aren’t very environmental though i know

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Yeah, it’s definitely that too tbf

they’re good for cupboards/wardrobes as you can’t fit a full scale dehumidifier in your sock drawer


Fairly sure you’d be hard pushed to find a home in the UK that doesn’t have condensation damp!

Honestly, I wiped my walls down daily as they were dripping with water. I now run my dehumidifier and have no issues at all. I get about 10L water out of my room each day…

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I have to have both of my bathroom windows open pretty much all day because the condensation runs down the tiled walls and makes the floor soaking wet if not!

Got a pretty basic dehumidifier on eBay for about £80 a couple of years ago which has proven to be a very good purchase. I have to have the washing in the room I WFH in, so I don’t want to sit around wet clothes all day (bit asthmatic), and equally don’t want the window open all winter. Even without the heating on pretty much everything dries overnight / over the course of a day no problem.

It does make things a bit crispy but who doesn’t love an exfoliating towel?!

I know they use electricity but seem to be much more energy efficient than they used to be, plus it takes a lot less energy for your central heating to heat dry air rather than really wet air, so I’m convinced it all balances out.

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You can get ones of those that have refillable crystals so that could be slightly better from an environmental standpoint.

Quite paranoid about mould myself now so I have been airing the house out while I do the big clean of a weekend. Last night I looked at our insulation EPC rating and the house is the lowest possible rating. So loads of air getting in anyway :cold_face:

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Can’t keep food in all but one kitchen cupboard as it will pretty much instantly go mouldy.

So yeah, not great :upside_down_face:

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No visible signs of mould but the back door is often quite… wet, and I keep finding woodlice in the flat (although the cat likes to eat them).

I’ve moaned about this before the state of British housing is so grim sometimes. Gonna be stuck with it even more because the NIMBYs have learnt the term “embodied carbon”.

If you have mould on your ceilings, repaint them using oil-based undercoat rather than shelling out for a pricy anti-mould emulsion. The spores won’t grow through it (for a few years anyway), and it looks the same when dried.

For damp around windows, the crystal tray things are really good. I’d check if they’re kid and pet safe, etc, but we’ve used a couple of brands and found they’ve sorted it out. Our windows are soaking most mornings as we never have the heaters on.

We did the whole bathroom in an oil-based undercoat thing a few months back, awful stuff to have to clean up but it’s actually stayed mould free so far